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Leveling Up
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Sometimes that carrot dangling out in front of you is too much. I wonder what it is about some sort of incentive that drives us to push ourselves so hard. We KNOW it isn't worth it but I assume we receive some sort of validation from getting a prize.

The fact of the matter is you did push yourself. You can't undo it, but you now have a learning experience to look back on. Maybe pushing yourself like this and having this stored in your head will stop you from pushing yourself another time where perhaps you might have done some serious damage. You might find yourself in a similar situation, but THIS experience will probably cause you to go "Hey, not a good idea."

I've been there. I don't have a disability, but I do have a set of lungs that attract just about every pathogen if I'm not careful. I've pushed myself and both ended up in the hospital and nearly ended up in the hospital because of it. It took me several times to learn not to push myself when I felt something in my lungs, but only until I actually passed out and wound up in the hospital did I learn that I should really watch myself. I'm now quite a bit more careful and I probably really should go get a flu shot because that can turn into something serious if I'm not careful (see! I'm still not learning! ack!).

Basically, don't beat yourself up for it. You know it was a mistake, you know you shouldn't have done it. Chalk it up to an unpleasant learning experience and vow to not get yourself down this path again.

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