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Hi Barb,

One of the ladies on the 20-somethings board had a great suggestion. She set all of her goals for the week and put them in an Excel spreadsheet (ie. stay under X calories for the day, drink 8 glasses of water, journal what you eat, exercise for 20 minutes, post on 3FC, etc...). At the end of the day she had the satisfaction of checking off everything she had accomplished towards her long term goal. I did this for a while to re-jumpstart my dedication.

I also have maintained a graph of my weight loss. That way you can see the downward trend in your weight! All those 1/2 pounds really add up over the long run! There is a "graph wizard" in Excel that can walk you through the steps. You could probably graph your measurements, too, if you prefer.

261 (highest)
255 (WW start)
190 (Current)
155 (Goal)

Begin again, with wise intention.
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