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Originally Posted by MusicalAstronaut View Post
I think it's great that you're pushing yourself so hard! I would've quit by then. Hooray for you! And maybe you should try eating more carbs or protein? That might give you more energy for those kinds of workouts?

Good suggestions. I follow a higher-protein, lower-carb exchange plan - and I do tend to spend my carbohydrate exchanges before workouts, for that very reason.

Although, energy really wasn't the problem, it was muscle strength and using muscles I'm not used to using (especially my hips and upper thighs), and doing far more than I should have if I want to avoid a flare of the fibro (which I very much want to do, because bad flares can disrupt my routine so easily). If I hurt badly enough to take my stronger pain meds, I'm usually also in too much pain to want to go to the gym.

I don't think my health issues set a ceiling on what I can do, just in how I go about getting there. Pushing myself to do a little more than the last time, makes sense. But doubling my effort inevitably sets me back.

When I went to my first fibromyalgia support group, I met a girl who ran marathons, and I thought "how can someone with fibromyalgia run a marathon?" She was one of the first people who told me that a consistent routine was vital to fibromyalgia and that "adapting to change" especially those you can't control was one of the biggest challenges of the disease, and that making gradual changes was the way to prevent flares. When she started she was also in bed more than she was out of it, so she's always been my role model for dealing with the disease.

Doctors told me essentially the same thing when I asked "how can I exercise regularly when exercising causes so much pain?" They said I had to start small and make changes gradually. And that's been working fantastically.

The "no pain, no gain, Biggest-Loser, almost-dropping dead" style workouts aren't going to work for me in the long run. I might be able to work up to them, but getting there has to be gradual (at least so long as the fibro is active rather than in remission)..
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