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Morning all ( all being a relative term lately..)

I am glad Martini that you are working your way through the issues that currently beset you. We all have periods in our live where we feel powerless, set upon, a bit squashed down and that life is just not FAIR!!!!
And if we can get through them with a minimum of damage to our new eating programme, the more the better! And you sound like you are doing fine in that regard! And yes also that our baseline for 'normal" has made a big shift....

Zinke hope you get the cough sorted out, its awful when your kids are sick. Take care of yourself too.

Hi everyone else!

I have had a couple of planned outings, dessert and high teas in the city, very nice! BUT wow the sugar overload! I LOVE cake, desserts, sweets etc, but I really noticed the difference in how i felt after a couple of days of dessert eating...
But it was lovely - a trip out in the evening for dessert with the family, and also a day in town with daughter and mother in law ending with a very British high tea!

So back on programme for more sugar this week!

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