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I vote to replace Ana with one of the returning members we saw last night! Hannah would make a great trainer and she knows more than Ana just by going through it before.

Jennifer is my only favorite right now because she has so much against her yet is doing awesome! I wish they would do something to shake the teams up. I feel bad for the blue team, it seems they were out of the game before they even started. They have the worst coach, probably the worst metabolisms due to age, and I'm sure the worst "I can't do it" mentalities.

Ana is really bothering me with all the talk about how it's great working with old people, and they are "just slower" ... they don't have to be slower! I don't remember Bob or Jillian ever treating older contestants any different than the younger ones. I just think Ana has the impression that old people cannot do as much, so she doesn't expect as much and therefore she doesn't get as much out of them. Too bad! They seem to be progressing some and pushing themselves a bit more, but it is too late, the team is practically gone.

Now that they cut the male who was pulling the bigger numbers...they have no chance unless something is done to mix up teams next week.

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