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Hi Turtles,
Princess, that applesauce sounds amazing. I keep buying apples in the hopes of finding a batch that isn't quite so tart. When they are much too tart for dh and me to eat, I make them into baked apples. Yum.

Yesterday was another good day. I'm starting to get a handle on how little food I must eat to lose weight. It's quite shocking. Lol. I'm juggling the food I have for the day around my activities and I don't go anywhere without a low low calorie energy bar and an apple (even if it is tart) in my pocketbook. That helps. My family has a million events coming up and it's taking lots of thinking to figure out what to do. After celebrating my grandson's on Saturday, dh and I are going back to their house for his real birthday tomorrow. We're going for dinner, we'll watch him at his gymnastics lesson, and then back to the house for birthday cake. I'm bringing all my food with me. The trick is to actually *eat* it and not let it stay in my cooler and eat the fattier choices instead. I can do it. I am Speaking of , I'm back to doing my DVD on toning most days and I feel better and more flexible.

Princess, I bet the aquafit class will be good for your joints.

Life4evr, don't worry about the MIA. Keep on keepin' on. You've got some challenges and you're working on them. Your total weight loss is still impressive. : I know with me, sometimes I forget I've lost almost 45# and am closing in on my best WW weight. It's so easy to look at myself and bemoan how I got to this state, so I have to follow my own advice and keep on keepin' on and pat myself on the back.

Bandit, looking forward to hearing about your vacation.

Terri, how was Thanksgiving?

Cherry, how's your family? Isn't this weather wacky and hot?

Taylors, do you do boot camp at a gym? It sounds intense, but it must burn loads of calories.

Lots2go, how is your 1/2marathon training coming along? That's got to be a big help with weight control and good for cardio training. Weigh to go!

I think I got everybody. It's so exciting to have a really supportive and involved group. Have a : day, everyone!

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