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I got a whopping 4 hours of sleep and I am still yawning. Skyped with my niece this morning - she's the only reason I'd get up! Taking DW to the metro in about an hour and have to hit the store for cream, cheddar cheese (which I've been craving) and chicken since ours entire package was bad a week before it's expired date - and I only bought it on Monday. $10 literally down the drain.

Debbie - I hope things warm up for you. Everywhere on the east coast is supposed to get a heat wave of 82 degrees today (even as far up as Maine!)

Natasha - I have no idea who he is but very cool

Chelby - You Tattletale

Twynn - have fun at Zion!

I am off like a prom dress to sort of start my day off (though I do have to do some work!).

ETA: Hi Cyn! I am a human taxi today as well! At least it gets me out.
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