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Hi Everybody,
I'm new here. I ran across this board the other night while dinkin' around on the computer and thought, "Hey! That's what *I* need!"
I introduced myself on the other thread but nobody replied so I thought I'd try here.
Here's my long story made short:
6 and a half years ago I was working humanitarian aid in the Third World... doing what I love, and almost finished with my BA in anthropology and ready to start grad school.
I met the man of my dreams and got married. We went right back to work at the orphanage where I met him until we decided to break off from that organization and start our own.
We came to the states to raise funds.
3 years later, he cheated on me with my best "friend."
I crashed and I crashed hard.
That was two years ago and I have gained over a hundred pounds. Now -- heart problems, high blood pressure, edema, clinical depression... the works.
I finally realized that I was going to die if I didn't get to the doctor and get the help I needed so I did that a couple of months ago and am now feeling much better.
I'm back in school and will be starting grad school next semester. I'm leaving my husband after summer semester is finished.
I'm on a low fat diet, taking xenical which taught me right away that eating fats is not longer WORTH it. LOL

Anyhow, when the antidepressants and the counselling started kicking in I realized that I was systematically killing myself with food. Shame from feeling indequate because the man of my dreams betrayed me with someone half my age (now half my weight!). All those issues...

But I really feel I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now. I really feel like I am on my way out of this nightmare I've been living for the last two years.

I need some new friends. I have not made new friends since my husband cheated on me and am having to learn how to trust all over again.

I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you and I'm glad I found my way here.


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