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Hi Ladies

It almost lunch time,just get back from my walking club. We walked for 40 mins along our bike path. I had to stop and sit on the benches along the walk twice not because of pain but shortness of breath. I have no idea why this is happening to me, except it might be allergies,or a sinuses problem. Going to have a check up soon than I will mention it to the doctor.

I posted on Vickie's Thread yesterday, and told you about the movie I saw on Sunday. If you didn't see it I posted that I do recommend that you see Money ball with Brad Pitt. It was a great movie [rated 10 in books] that even the not baseball fans would enjoy.

RHONDA-I found you,and that the reason I don't start new threads as this forum doesn't show if some one start a post or not. Thanks for the new pages.

NANCY-Is that terrible when they make an appointment and than don't show up/ I had that with my fireplace gas insert man to come over and dust and clean out the gas insert. It took 3 x's for him to finally answer my voice mail. Than the final time I told him I was a widow and I was afraid of carbon min oxide [sp] coming out of my fireplace if I didn't have it cleaned. 1/2 hr he called and now coming over on the 14th. Don't like doing that but if it makes them come over why not.

PAM-Sorry about your cows coming off,but you'll do it again just eat what you want but in smaller portions. My sister is a Dancing with the Stars fan I'm not don't like reality shows.

SANDRA-Oh computer problems can be a hassle, TG I don't have to many problems having a MAC.

Have to start my dinner I'm getting hungry have a great day
Hugs Maryann

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2011 lost 2.5 lbs.
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