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Good Morning, All!

Two days since I’ve posted, and you’ve all been busy! Such a chatty group we are!

Rie – I’m glad you’re getting some satisfaction from the owner of the car wash. It’s gratifying when someone takes responsibility, isn’t it? It’s also rare. The computer seems to be doing fine, is seemingly happy and cooperative. Thanks for asking! I hope your back is better!! Good grief, with all these folks and their bad backs. I have to wonder exactly WHAT you all have been doing??????? Your roasted butternut squash recipe sounds delish!

Bobbi – I, of all the people on this site, can SYMPATHIZE AND EMPATHIZE WITH YOUR COMPUTER WOES! These boogers just take over, don’t they? And it seems that once they decide to rebel, they do it so well. I’m glad I bought the laptop, even though it gave me terrible headaches (most of which were of my own making, as I discovered), and I know that the PC had to be totally reamed out. It’ll be a good computer again when the ComputerGod gets that finished. I hope your experience ends up being less traumatic than mine was!

Speaking of IE9, which we weren’t, the ComputerGod removed it and took it back to IE8, said that IE9 hasn’t been properly debugged or configured or something. After I did the thing to restore the computer back to the factory specs, though, IE9 is back… I haven’t noticed anything yet, so maybe it isn’t my particular culprit. I’m convinced that it was the dueling virus folks causing the problems! 3FC has been having problems lately, it seems; I don’t think you can blame that on your naughty computer.

I chortled at your Maxine quote about the photocopier!

Mary – I’m proud that you’re sticking to your MF plan and that you’re doing so well with it! And I’m so, so, so happy that DH is okay. I hope that eye fixes itself fast!

Gayle – I’ll be so interested to hear about the changes, if any, that the new management puts in at your work. Maybe they’ll ease into it? I hope the changes are good for you and not more of a nosebleed! Do share! And what did you see and do at the “Y” tour? Are you now a member?

PT/Zoe – congrats on your profitable foray into the wild world of entrepreneurship! This should be interesting for you, profitable, and not terribly time consuming! Good for you! Does your current employer know and approve or is it just none of their damn business? (can I say that?)

Oh, I had SUCH a wonderful day off! I had lunch with a friend who will be lost to the corporate slave world next week (this economy is truly messing with my social life!), and it was just a lovely day! I went back to work with a spring in my step (hard with this hip!) and a song on my lips. It “done me good”!

Freda – hola! Always good to hear from you!

Lynn – I hope you feel better soon! You’re really having a rough time this year! I thought it was so interesting that you raved about the Geek Squad. When I had the problem with the new laptop, they were so snotty and rude. I figured I’d never spend the money for their warranty service. Different city, different folks… I’m glad yours are good!

I think it’s so interesting that we research and try to cure ourselves, rather than relying on those “practicing” medicine! Your information on sleeping pills reminds me of KarenFL finally having to take things into her own hands, too. I can just see you smoking weed! Why not? They prescribe it for every little thing, and we have dispensaries here, sometimes 2 or 3 on a block. There’s a huge battle raging right now because the legislators have the audacity to want to restrict firearms by those using medical marijuana! Drunk, stupid, drugged, and armed, breeding and driving… what a world!

Rosey – that weight squiggly just keeps dropping! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!! Did you get your washer/dryer?

KarenFL – you sound good. Glad you’re back to your BridgeQueen status, too! I laughed out loud at your ex-SIL story about the jeep! Good riddance to a bad shot!

Got home from work on Thursday with a sorely aching hip... but it was so beautiful that I loaded SamCat into his stroller, and we took a wee walk. I could only make it to the end of the block, but, hey, that's better than nothing. A block one day, a block and 1/2 the next... he was so good!

Socializing tomorrow, so I'm going to do paperwork and bills today (fun stuff!). Newbies, wecome! Everyone, hope your weekend is a good one!


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