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Originally Posted by tommy View Post
As others have noted, teens with low self esteem often take others down a peg to hitch their own pathetic egos up a notch.
This. Also, in my experience, most teens are pretty self-absorbed and tend to view the world through a heavy fog of ego and idealism that's supported by whatever parts of their (usually extremely limited) life experience they deem relevant and what their friends think. This doesn't lend itself to recognizing the complexity and "realness" of other people - esp. people they don't already have a relationship with or see as somehow similar to themselves.

In any case, there's very little point in taking them seriously - or paying any attention to them at all. You have worked very hard to achieve what you have for your own reasons. Why should the opinions of a few poorly behaved children matter to you? Be assertive and carry yourself with confidence - you've earned it. Don't give them the attention or power they want by reacting to their comments (or, if you do react, be assertive, not apologetic).

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