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Default Energy output varies greatly - would like more/less same calories a day!

Hi there -

I have a relatively active job - I do construction cleaning in new homes. I clean top to bottom and the houses are usually very dirty and dusty. I haul my big heavy duty vacuum and ladder everywhere I go and clean just about every square inch of the houses.

Sometimes I only do "possession cleans" which means the home has been cleaned 1-2 times already so I do a basic all over clean but it's much easier.

Some days I work 3-4 hours, some days I work 9. Some days I clean show homes (model homes) so it's easier, and sometimes all I have to do is scrape chunks off of and sweep the floors of the homes. Most times I do first or second construction clean and most days are 6hrs+.

I'm a planner mcplannerson and I thrive on routine so I would prefer to have a relatively consistent caloric intake goal every day. I am 24, 5'4 and 138lb which isn't terrible by any means but I have been surely creeping upwards in weight and my ideal weight is 125-130. The weight gain though not huge is already making my job more difficult not to mention I'm sick of wearing sweatpants as my jeans are too tight :P

I am wondering if anyone has tips for calculating a relatively consistent number of calories I should aim to eat per day given my changing activity patterns. Of course I will listen to my body should I truly need more on an especially taxing day but considering I've been doing this for a month now I feel I have more or less adjusted to the activity level. That said, I am not entirely interested in additional activity (beyond dog walks and weekend hikes) as I'm already tired and sore from the day and I welcome a 3-4 hour day to recover hehe

I am thinking that my morning meal will be a smoothie with greek yogurt, uncooked oatmeal, some berries, banana, and some greens. I prefer a breakfast 500+ calories (I know, huge!) -- anything less and I'm starving only 2-3hrs into my work - and time is of the essence with my job.

If you have any way to make a ballpark figure for daily intake (eat less than required one day, more than required the next, with the idea that it should all even out in the end - doesn't matter to me. I don't/my body doesn't see eating as a 24hr cycle so much as an over all thing as in and out.

I hope this makes sense :P

Thanks for your time
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