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I think we're taught to think there's something wrong with us, when there isn't.

I think we're taught to believe that weight loss should be easy and just a matter of willpower (especially if we've ever done it before)

I think our physiology and our culture fights us every step of the way. We're taught to diet by methods that don't work (because the binges are built into the lessons we've learned).

We've learned by watching, reading, and hearing about how weight loss is done to binge when we make a small mistake. We're taught that the appropriate thing to do when we overeat, is to feel discouraged, and since we've already "blown it" we might as well stuff ourselves until the next appropriate "starting over" point (tomorrow unless it's midweek, then Monday unless it's past Halloween, then New Years...)

Imagine if we were taught to mountain climb, the way we're taught to diet. No one would survive the sport, because whenever we stumbled, we'd have to throw ourselves off the cliff, so we could "start fresh" from the bottom.

Change is difficult. For everyone. That news isn't as discouraging as it seems. I think our expectations get in the way. We don't quit because we're stupid, we quit when we believe that not only are we failing, but that ultimate failure is inevitable.

And the way we're taught to do weight loss, and the definitions of success that we're taught to use - it is. The 1-2 lbs per week weight loss is one of the pitfalls of weight loss. We're taught to see less than that (especially if we have more than a few pounds to lose) as being failure - so half the time we're seeing failure where there is actually success (because most people who want to lose weight are not losing 1-2 lbs per week. Oh, some weeks they are - but usually not every week).

I highly recommend a TOPS group (taking pounds off sensibly for meetings near you check out the website

In TOPS, every week the weight losses and gains for the week are read out loud (if you divide the net loss or gain by the number of members, you see what the "real" average weight loss is for people trying to lose weight, and it's not even one pound per week).

You'd think that would be discouraging (after all, we want to get this weight off ASAP, so we don't want to be average), but for me it was eye-opening. I realized that I wasn't a failure, I was a raging success, even in the early days of this particular journey when I was losing on average, only one pound a month.

I know I went off on a bit of a rant, sorry. It's just so tragic that many of us give up because we're seeing failure, where there is success. It's like being in the middle of a marathon and thinking you're in last place because of the thousands of runners ahead of you, not realizing you're in the top 10% because of all the tens of thousands of people behind you (and on the sidelines).
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