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Default Hi Virginia

I am with you girl! This is not my first time here either. I, like you, am having a tough time losing weight. I also like to run, but now that I am 225 lbs., it is tough to be motivated. I am 44 years old, and recently started back to a healthy lifestyle. I started on Monday, and weighed in at 231 lbs., and have since lost 6 lbs. this week. I just got tired of being fat, and decided to finally do something about it. My husband had open heart surgery last year (November, 2010) to replace a leaky aorta he has had since birth but was only recently discovered (thanks to the good Lord!). Since then, I have taken care of him and not myself. I gained a lot of weight since last year. My mom just died in August and I am struggling with grief. I had to fly back east to my homestate of Illinois for the funeral and to take care of things there. I am now back in Arizona where I currently reside. Now that it's fall, the weather is bearable for walking/running which is what I started doing again this week. I always seem to come back here for support and motivation to keep going. Maybe we can help each other to reach our goals? Good luck to you and your weight loss journey. I hope for the best for you and hang in there girl! It will be summer again before you know it and we both want to fit into a bathing suit, don't we! Let's get this weight off for good!!!!
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