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Originally Posted by southmplsgirl View Post
Good morning to all!

We got some very sad news in our house yesterday. A close friend of Chessa's died of ALS at age 30. He was married to one of Chessa's friends that she has been close with since they were in high school together. He had been married ten years, and they had two small !
Angie- so sorry to hear about your families lose. my brother n law has ALS and was officially diagnosed early Jan of this year. My brother n law is an amazing man and so full of life. Yesterday was his birthday an although I could not go- boy scout mandatory meeting- my husband went over with my four boys to wish him a happy birthday. Talk about aggressive and fast.... He is now fully bed ridden. They have a daughter, my niece, who is in her senior year of high school. He is sharp as a tack though. Iwas actually thinking of trying to make him one of this green monsters to try. He is also on a breathing machine that helps him breath in and out. My boys were very happy to see their uncle yesterday, although I was concerned for my youngest..its been just in the last few weeks that he has gone from his wheel chair to fully bed ridden. sad to lose someone - that's for sure. Sorry his life was shortened at such a young age. Life is precious!

Well, recap: at day 12 I fell off the wagon. I wanted to though. I enjoyed the party for my two friends - ate one of my gourmet cupcakes and had a few yummy martini's. Sunday: I was either hung over.... Or just majorly a royal B- I felt horrible - didn't want to do anything... Got back on my plan P1: day 1 that Sunday ... Yesterday hit the gym.. Still felt BLAH... and then the major headache hit... Paybacks are a B- i tell ya!
Today so far so good. Made it to my spin class again... And came home to eat my lunch... Not so ravenous as I was yesterday... Finished off the last of my 5 bean chili and a bit of cottage cheese.. I feel so full now.
Tonight I have yet ANOTHER school open House... And its Taco Tuesday here in my house - for me I use lettuce to wrap my tacos and fat free refried beans.

Also, I had mentioned in one of my posts I was going to be staying on the Ph1 neighborhood ultimately until our ball on the 22nd of Oct... But we have a wedding to go to as well on the 8th of Oct.

Have a great day/night: cheers! Desiree

Anyhow - I hope
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