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S/C/G: maintaining


Hey, all.

Debbie - I desperately want an early frost! My allergies are horrible.

Heidi - Tee hee... I'm scared to start it too! But now that my nest is empty I'm sleeping too late so no worries anymore about that. Glad that you are loving the class.

Linda - My son has a phone interview with a company in PA that he connected with at his college career fair. Chances are good he'll end up out your way! Your soup sounds intriguing.

Chelby - I have to think hard every morning about what day it is! Hope your week goes well.

Ruth - That box sounds like such a great thing.

Jerseygiirl - It gets easier... but I still forget names We'll be watching Tivo'd shows when we do cardio this morning.

Twynn- Welcome back. Sent you a PM... want that soup recipe you love so much please.

Cyndi - Sounds like fun with your mom. And how lucky that she accommodates your like that.

Jenn - So sorry about your cat. How's the new place?

Angie - Sorry about your friend. Very sad.

I'm dragging thanks to ragweed. Biking outside seems to do me in. Yesterday we rode almost two hours in the morning and in the afternoon I took a nap on the couch. Oh, and snacked too much too! Major headache last night. So, I told my husband that now that we are back in the saddle, I think twice a week is all I can handle. Sigh. Got my beans in the crock pot today and meals planned for the week... my husband is trying gluten-free to see if it helps with some issues he has. Much harder to plan that than SB compliant! Off to Costco too. Hope I have willpower to walk past the sample ladies.

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