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Good morning to all!

We got some very sad news in our house yesterday. A close friend of Chessa's died of ALS at age 30. He was married to one of Chessa's friends that she has been close with since they were in high school together. He had been married ten years, and they had two small children. He was diagnosed just under two years ago, and progressed so quickly. Chessa was heartbroken because she hadn't visited them in awhile. It was just a very sad day.

I'm off today, but do have a work meeting later for the 401k committee that I sit on. We have a weekly Tuesday night dinner with some friends, and Chessa had made a beef stew in the crock pot yesterday that we didn't eat because we ended up seeing some friends to cheer everyone up after the sad day. So, it makes dinner easy tonight! Beef stew, green salad and maybe asparagus or brussels sprouts.

So, SBD question...on p2, if you have leftovers that have root veggies but are having root veggies with dinner, would you still have those leftovers for lunch or would that be too much p2 items? The only other p2 item on the day would be an apple. So, specifically, it would be Moroccan Tagine for lunch, beef stew with sweet potatoes and carrots for dinner, and an apple as a snack, those would be the only p2 items. Too many? Just fine? This area is so gray for me and I would just appreciate an opinion! TIA.

Debbie - Have fun knitting! I tried learning last winter, but could never cast on loosely enough and would end up getting frustrated. Maybe I should give it another shot this winter!?
Heidi - That must be so nice to not start out the school year with problems! Hopefully it stays that way
Cottage - Hobbitshire Soup sounds fantastic!! I'd love the recipe. Funny, I don't know why it sounds good since the name doesn't really hint at any ingredients, but I should say it sounds intriguing....
Chelby - I think I have some water weight right now too...I hate it! Stay strong this week, you'll be so glad you did.
Ruth - I think I'd say we are having a soft morning as well. Have fun at pet therapy!
Jersey - Good luck on day two! What shows did you DVR?
Twynn- Did I mention I made the tagine? We LOVED it! Still have some leftovers in the fridge to finish off...
Cyndi - I must say, your parents sound pretty fantastic Have fun today, I adore thrifting!

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