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Hermit Girl

I am part of the Golden Girls group, and would like to welcome you. You've taken the first step. it is one day at a time. I find that planning is the key. I plan the food I am going to eat. I plan the exercise. I know what my pit falls are and I make sure that I deal with them. You mentioned ice cream. Can you stay strong right now and not eat more than what you plan? If not, don't have it in the house right now. It's not forever. it's untill you can take control. My thing is corn chips. If they are in the house I know I will eat them, no matter what I have planned. Having them in the house doesn't make sense for me. Doesn't mean that I never have corn chips, but I buy them in the individual bags and Plan when I'll have them.

Web woman is right, you don't have to go to the Sept. chat if you're not ready. It does take awhile to get ot know everyone. BUT, you get so much support. We all started out as the new guy and it takes awhile, but you become part of a "family" that cares about you and cheers you on.

Good luck
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