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-someone noticed your weight loss?
About 30 pounds in,probably more I didn't look at my weight until I'd started losing, so maybe 35 or 40 pounds. I was getting frustrated cause no one said anything, unless they knew I was trying.

-you noticed your weight loss?
Oh about 5-10 pounds into it, I lost inches before pounds and still am. But, for sure about a months time I was noticing small changes in my rolls haha!

-changed clothing size?
Hmm, I was 22 before I weighed myself, then 20 when I first weighed myself, I'm not changing sizes appropriately cause I refuse to spend much on new clothes I don't plan on wearing long. I think I fit into a comfy 18 maybe after 2 months, now I'm at a comfy 16, tight 14. It's been 5 months. I hear on these boards that the larger sizes take more pounds to drop. And the smaller the sizes the faster the change cause there isn't as much of a diff.

Oh, shirt sizes, I didn't worry about much, I found out recently I can buy xl shirts in skinny girl shops, so 5 months there too I guess.

-could see the weight loss in your face?
I've never held weight in my face much, so I only recently noticed I have no jiggle at all. So 5 months I guess.

-started thinking about maintaining?
Ha! I'm still on losing, I'll stress over maintenance when it comes!
Lost 100 pounds, put it back on, getting it off AGAIN!

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