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- someone noticed your weight loss?
Maybe about 50 lbs. I didn't reveal to anyone I was doing anything even family and friends until it became kind of really obvious to other people that I was either doing something or really sick. So people really began to ask around 50-60lbs.

-you noticed your weight loss?
To be honest, I still struggle to notice it. I kind of never really realized how big I'd gotten. I only really see it in pictures and in clothes sizes. But I guess I really really started to notice around 65-70 lbs when I hit my previous adult (well from when I was 17yrs old) low weight of 207 lbs.

-changed clothing size?
I probably could have changed clothes sooner but I didn't change clothes till about 50lbs down. I went from a 20 or 18W to a 16W and tight 16 regulars in some "generous" brands.

-could see the weight loss in your face?
I didn't have any extra chins or anything even at my heaviest, however I noticed my face was less meaty and that I actually had a bone structure in my face (other than my jawline) maybe around 60 lbs lost.

-started thinking about maintaining?
I haven't yet started really thinking about maintaining. I have however started thinking or reducing my goal weight by 10-15 lbs. In a sense, if I don't lose weight from here on out, it's not the end of the world, I suppose I could be happy maintaining where I am, but at the same time, I feel like I've come so far, I might as well push for goal, where I think I'd be happier.
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