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Default Me too!

Im in a similar situation to all you guys and really interested to hear so many people with a prolactinoma and weight gain issues. I've always had a bit of a weight issue but it got out of control in my late 20s. I was diagnosed with a microadenema prolatinoma in 1997. Thankfully i have had no side effects both to bromocriptine and dostinex and immediately had a period once I started medication. I quickly lost about 10kg without much effort and another 26 through weight watchers once I realised the weight was coming off easily. I fell pregnant in 2007 and again in 2009 and now have a beautiful girl and boy. (i was on bromocriptine while I was trying to conceive each time. i was told this was a safer option only because babies have been conceived on this drug over the last 20 years without any known side effect. Each time I went off medication as soon as I conceived). I have found it almost impossible to lose weight while breastfeeding and only lost weight once I went back on medication after I had my daughter. I recently went back on dostinex and have just noticed my pants are looser without having changed my diet greatly. I am now convinced prolactin and weight are linked. I do have hope now I can finally lose this weight. Thanks girls for sharing your stories!
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