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If my neurosurgeon had told me that I'd be picking up weight, I'd have started the meds immediately, trust me. But lactation never bothered me and not having a period is awesome, so I thought I'd skip having to take heavy medication as I'm not too fond of that. I'm going for blood test tomorrow to check the level of my prolactin as well as my thyroid levels. I'll update you guys with the numbers once I have them!

I'm in South Africa so I don't know if we have cabergoline? How easy is the weightloss on all these meds?

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Why wait to start the meds? It makes no sense to me. Unless you can't handle the side effects but you won't know until you try. I went on and off of them through the years since diagnosis. And my endo said if I was to stay on cabergoline for about 3 years, he thought maybe that the problem would reverse itself and my prolactin level could go back to normal and stay there without drugs. I ended up getting pregnant so I'll have to try again later once I stop breastfeeding but it will be worth the try. Plus the weight loss was easier on the cabergoline. Not sure about bromocriptine though since I was never on that one for long.
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