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Originally Posted by gracewriter View Post

I found this forum several weeks ago. Frankly it scared me to death because many people were talking about metabolism slowing down and how much harder it was to lose weight at this age. I'm 52.

I got so discouraged, but am grateful now because I decided not to believe it.

I lost 34lbs in the last 2.5 months doing my own diet, which is basically eating everything I LOVE and not exercising. I could have lost more but was tweaking my own diet and at first was doing the right thing by eating the recommended calories and exercising.

That was horrible and I'll never do it again. After 14 years of dieting "The right way" I topped the scales at 205lbs. Been there done that. I knew there was a better way for me.

My liver enzymes were 4 times higher than normal when I started and they insisted I get a sonogram. I refused. Glad I did. Now my blood work is perfect.

I'm back in my size 12s from 18s and on my way to the golden 8s. The 12s are getting looser by the day!

Thanks for this forum and best of wishes to everyone. I know how hard this is, but it isn't any harder at this age than it was in my late 20s and 30s.

I think we get the idea in our head from experts that we're all the same and there's only one way to lose weight and that's slowly.

For some of us that's a death sentence.

I just wanted to let anyone know who's out there that's discouraged before you even begin not to worry about your metabolism being an obstacle.

Unless you have a thyroid disorder or some other unknown health issue, it's not your metabolism. It's also not WHAT your are putting into your mouth, but how much.

Most diets are designed by the diet industry and their own scientists for profit. Maybe we should be questioning these experts' opinions.

Best wishes,

so post your 'secret" diet Jude! I am 53 and have an extremely hard time losing.
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