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I think there is a big difference between keeping your weight loss private (as in not volunteering any information or discussing it with others) and keeping it a secret. I find going out of your way to keep it a secret is just too difficult and has led me to failure in the past, because you're trying too hard not to "get caught." In retrospect, it's kind of rediculous. Just because they see you at the gym, does not invite them into the "are you losing weight/how/why/etc" conversation. And if they seem to think it does, just shut down the conversation.

Personally, I haven't had anyone bring up my weight/weightloss unless I have discussed it with them previously. Most people know better than to invite themselves into that conversation.

As far as them seeing you sweating and out of breath, what's more embarassing: them seeing to work hard or them thinking you do nothing? They're busy with their own workouts. They may notice you, but they aren't focused on you. If they think anything of it at all, they probably just think that it's good that your working at it. People who are already fit place a high value on fitness and are typically very welcoming and encouraging of newcomers.
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