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Originally Posted by Tejas View Post
Lydia, I saw the trainer this morning and we decided that I will do NO lower body work for one month.
Probably best. I've never been successful in active recovery in the past. Total down time was what usually helped me too. Feel for you though.

Yesterday's skill work at the box was interesting. Rope climbs...nope never did them in school like everyone else. It took a couple of tries but I was able to somewhat lock out my feet...not enough to just hang there without hands though. Not that I would have tried yet. But wow, very cool experience. I was able to pull myself up and trap the rope between my feet during the last attempt before our workout. I think one of the coolest things about this experience, and I've had it in yoga too, is exploring a new movement and it being a matter of developing skill to accomplish it and not necessarily strength related. I could have pulled myself up the rope about half way with just upper body strength but when I actually was able to trap the rope between my feet, lock out and then pull up it was unbelievably easier! The rope didn't look nearly high enough then. Course, once I got about 3/4 of the way up it occurred to me....I didn't know the right way to get down. Developed a nice little blister on my hands just before the workout of the day....which included tabata pushups.

Today is a forced rest day. I got up in time to go, was looking forward to the WOD (yep, even the runs) I'm beginning to accept this as just part of the deal...but I broke a glass in the bathroom and it shattered EVERYWHERE. Barefoot in a bathroom with glass shards is not a good sign. Spent 45 minutes cleaning that mess up and was too late to go. I'm having work done on the house today (yep, more stuff...exterior drainage, waterproofing etc) and I HAVE to be here in case someone loses a limb or something. It's fine. I'll be all the more ready for tomorrow. I need to study for my CES (corrective exercise specialist) exam anyway...I'm testing in October.
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