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Default I just can't stop eating RICE FLOUR !!!

Help !

My title and user name says it all. I am 5'3" and 180 lbs. Type 2 diabetes. I just can't seem to stop eating and on top of being unable to count calories I just binge on rice flour.

I need to lose 60 lbs or die in the next 5 years. I have a severely autistic son, and am very down - the eating is therapeutic almost but it's actually not. I feel like I have an eating addiction.

Help !
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I cant imagine the stress you are under and hope your son has support where you don't have to be watching him 24/7

Given the idea that you might have an eating addiction have you considered "bright line eating" or going to overeaters anonymous groups? I gather with your son that time to "escape" to meetings could be very hard..bright line eating you can buy on amazon and there are plenty of free support groups on facebook for that. Weight watchers is another structure program. None of the three require you to count calories but do require you to plan your food. flour of any type can be very addicting.
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May I suggest that you talk with your doctor. It sounds like you may have something called pica. If you google this it's probably going to pull up things like dirt and chalk, which it can be, but not always. It can be eating food in a non-food way like flour, ice, and corn meal. You may be low on a key nutrient, often iron. Pica happens to women a lot during pregnancy, but can happen to anyone throughout their life. Most people have never heard of it, but it's fairly common. People just don't usually tell their doctors because they're embarrassed. Before you panic, it's EASILY treated. Once they figure out the nutrient and get it back to a normal level those cravings go away. I work with pregnant women and children so I educate them on this every single day, it's THAT common and not just in pregnant women.
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Reducing your sugar intake by any amount will have a positive effect, but foods such as flour and rice are extremely high in refined carbs and therefore have almost the same effect on your body as refined sugar.

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