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Question As you age you have to choose between your face and your [email protected]@

Hi everyone - I am wondering if anyone noticed that saying "As you age you have to choose between your face and your [email protected]@" is actually right?

I have recently lost 20 lb (150->130lb), not a very big loss, but as I am 5 lb from my goal, I start noticing some new wrinkles on my face that I didn't see before. My face is definitely slimmer, which is great, but I didn't expect to have older look on me with slimier figure. Now I am questioning my final 5 lb loss, maybe I should keep it and have more youthful facial appearance?

What is your experience?
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I would say it tends to be true. My sister's SIL is a size 00 and does excessive things to stay that way While she has no butt, her face is sunken, craggy, she had dark circles under her eyes and she looks far older than she is (late 40's). And with no real body fat on her, she has a little boy's stick straight body except for the 2 fake plastic cantelopes on her chest. It's not a good look. When it comes right down to it - it's all about balance. If you are too thin it makes you look haggard and ages you and if you are too chubby, it puts a big strain on joints and organs and gives you alot of pain. Ideally if you can stay 10 pounds within your goal weight, that's a perfect match.

You might also want to consider some toning and moisturizing face creams and above all stay out of the sun. If you were a sun worshiper in your younger years, you will pay for it later in life. Mr. Sun asks a high price for that golden tan.

And congrats on your weight loss!
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