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haggis 04-28-2014 08:33 PM

Lose 50 by 50
I'm starting today to try and lose 50 lbs by my 50th birthday. This will require dedication and focus, both of which I hope to get by posting a little every day. Suggestions are welcome....

newleaf123 04-28-2014 08:43 PM

Welcome, haggis, and good luck! When is your birthday?

Shannonsnail 04-29-2014 09:35 AM

I had a fabulous by 40 plan but I guess I need to change it to fabulous by 42 since I'm 41 in May and just finally got started on my journey last month. How long til you are 50? We are here to support you!

Mrs Snark 04-29-2014 10:35 AM

Welcome! Tell us your plan, etc. :)

Sassyblonde 05-07-2014 01:35 AM

It's a great idea! Mine was 40 x 40...I made it a year later but still it's heading in the right direction that counts. Good luck :-)

Mad Donnelly 05-07-2014 01:44 AM

Wish I had done this. I waited TILL I was 50 when I finally woke up with dedication (to low carb) and focus (on health) to spare! I've lost 50 now (well, 1 more official pound to go but it's coming) with another at least 20 to go. Dang that 50 felt good to lose. And every pound from now on will be hard fought but will also probably be more obvious than when I lost the first 20 and you could hardly see a difference.

Pattience 05-07-2014 02:35 AM

Well i'm 50 already now that you mention it and i'm doing it too. And this is the last time!!!!

But i wanted to say, that reading up on how difficult it is to lose weight with menopause, and all that that does to your body, its a good idea to deal with it before then i think. So get cracking but i hope you have plenty of time up your sleeve because if you have to hurry yourself, you will most likely fail even if its not until you get to your goal. It may be better to slow down and make it 51 if you haven't got much time before 50.

So don't rush, just be committed. And don't fall for traps like - oh i have been so good lately, i deserve a reward or …. i'm sick of my boring food i need a change…. or i'm going on holidays so i can't watch what i eat when i'm on holiday etc etc.

If you don't have rules to avoid these pitfalls you may well fall in a heap.

Make some rules that you know work for you and stick with them through thick and thin. some of my rules i had to refine as i went along but i still have rules that i follow strictly.

MrsTryingAgain 05-19-2014 04:08 PM


I finally got some time to read through some posts. I was so happy to see someone with the same goal as mine. I decided on May 12th that I was just sick & tired of being FAT. I have finally gotten to a place where I might actually be able to focus some. I've been dealing with getting my hubby's health to a somewhat settled place that mine went straight down the drain.

My birthday is on November 8th, so I have about 6 months. I'm just cutting out basically all the junk I've been eating...trading it for healthier choices. Nearly cut out all soda, I think I've had 2 since I started, which use to be what I'd have in an afternoon! More exercise! I've been walking at least 30 minutes at least 3-4 times a day. But so far I've only missed 1 day walking, so it's been more 6 days a week. I've added more H20. I also have reset my sleeping schedule, I used to stay up til 2 or 3 in the AM so sleep schedule was just a mess! Now it's quite a bit better! :)

GOOD LUCK, HAGGIS!!! Let us know how it goes!

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