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Cattails 03-17-2014 04:02 AM

40-Somethings Dance Like a Chicken Day Challenge
Okay, here's our new challenge: state what you want to accomplish by May 14 and go for it! Anything goes; the only hard-and-fast rule here is that on May 14th, YOU MUST DANCE LIKE A CHICKEN!! :chicken::chicken::chicken:

Cattails 03-17-2014 04:04 AM

My goal is to stay on task and keep my weight under 120; some more toning up would be cool too. What's your goal?

Sum38 03-17-2014 06:31 AM

I love it!! And I will dance like a chicken :D

My goal is to exercise min.5 days per week (choose from these options);
Mon: off (walk the pup)
Tue; Weights, Treadmill and Swim
Wed; Walk the pup, aerobics
Thr; Weights, Treadmill and Swim
Fri; Walk the pup, aerobics
Sat; Walk the pup, Weights and Swim
Sun; Walk the pup, aerobics

Second goal is to be 9 pounds lighter.
SW 144
GW 135

Magicsusan 03-17-2014 07:57 AM

Okay, I'm in. I'd love to lose about 10 pounds by then but I don't know if that's going to happen. I'm concentrating primarily on cultivating a healthy lifestyle with actual weight loss as a secondary, so I'll quit blabbing and get to the bullet points:

1)continue doing c25k 3xweek
2)continue lifting/toning 2xweek
3)walkies minimum 2xweek
4)eat healthy/nutritionally balanced

bonus goal:
1)metric nonederland (i.e., <100k)

Just out of curiosity, what's the significance of may 14? anything? any correlation between that and the chicken dance? doesn't need to be one, just wondered if I was missing something...

We have a dancing broccoli and a dancing carrot. We may need a new smiley for this challenge...

love2b150 03-17-2014 09:46 AM


Marlene it doesn't sound like you did bad :) I hope your weigh in was good :)

Cattails my son starts today with conditioning. I just told him yesterday that he needs to slow down on his eating if he is going to cut weight. I mentioned that I would make him eat 3 meals and a snack when I am around and he didn't seem too happy but most of his clothes are too tight and he's a big guy so we can't afford to keep buying him more and more clothes, it's enough that he wears a size 16 shoe. I can't wait to show him your post this evening regarding your son. Makes me proud please tell him I said GOOD JOB. I know you're proud. And I don't want you all to think I am being mean to him but he is 16, 6'1 and 240+ lbs. When we got home from church yesterday that boy started cooking and eating and he was eating every hour it seemed. My little one made some jello it set around 7ish. He says, "Mom you should make a cake, I know you can't eat it but we can" He included all of them :)

Sum, my weigh in was worse than yesterday still lower than the start of the challenge :) How's your Pooch this morning?

Enjoy your day everyone :wave:

love2b150 03-17-2014 09:52 AM

May 14 goals
*get to 160 (as of today - lose 7lbs
*walk at least 3-5 times a week, 3-4 miles
*stay within my calorie, carbs range

Zumbachica 03-17-2014 10:01 AM

HELLO EVERYONE>>>>>>> Happy Monday....Im stoked for this challenge because the weather is starting to get slighter warmer (spring is struggling to get here) and I feel a bit motivated. The last challenge was an epic fail for me...too much drama with ex threw me off track, and then getting the puppy totally threw me off guard, i had no idea it would be like having a baby!
But here I am still at a weight that doesn't work for me........So as much as I said i wasn't doing another challenge here I am.....:)

My goal is a big one and i want to believe that it is possible. I want to lose ten lbs. I think that is doable by May 14. (is dance like a chicken day a real holiday? LOL). May 18 would have been my anniversary..it is also my boyfriends bday.....so that is a significant week for me....no matter what kind of emotions i have i want to face them head on feeling good in my skin and feeling healthy. I don't feel healthy lately AT ALL.

Start 21 day fix workouts over.
Low carb, not sure which plan to follow though
One fast day a week....I think Wednesday may work since I don't teach that day and won't need energy. I don't like tea so I won't be drinking that like Sum does, maybe i'll allow myself one shake or just lemon water all day and some chicken broth in case I get shakey....
once the vet gives me the okay to take the dog out and about (she hasn't had all her shots) I will be walking her down to the beach even it means I carry her most of the time. She's a small dog so she can't walk for miles....but i still want to get out with her.....I plan on really getting active with the warmer weather here....maybe even take my bicycle out...
YOGA..I plan on taking it a few times a week to stretch out my weary zumba muscles. and learn to relax my mind......
My other goals are not fitness related...get myself organized financially, start teaching Pound.
I clocked in today at 149. I'd love to see 139 by the end of the challenge.

Zumbachica 03-17-2014 10:10 AM

Happy St Patricks day to you all. Even though I am so NOT Irish it was always a holiday that I enjoyed. I went to a Catholic prep school run by and filled with Irish so this was always a big deal. I feel sorry for those in the parade today in the city...it is FREEZING. They said snow but i think we dodged that bullet.

I am making corned beef today and cabbage and since that is low carb I feel fine about it....its just the sodium that is through the roof but I will drink lots of water today to try and bypass the bloat.....i have noticed that i am not drinking enough water....

Last night BF took me out to dinner but he suggested Japanese and I was too polite to say that didn't give me low carb options...LOL...so I had salad and sushi and didn't gain from the soy sauce and rice, i even dropped point four lbs. So Im a little pleased this morning Today I teach three classes....i am so NOT in the mood but this is my job. Have to find time to make the corned beef before my night class.....I get to pick up my kids today...yayyyyyy......

Zumbachica 03-17-2014 10:14 AM

love2b I think your goals sound very realistic! You got this girl!!!

SUM I hope your pooch feels better, I know you enjoy your walks with Shadow.

Magicsusan You and I have the same 10 lb goal...we have plenty of time to do it healthily by may 14...we got this!

cattails thanks for starting this challenge...i think its going to be funny when we all dance like a chicken...i wonder if we can all you tube our chicken dance for one another...LOL

Cattails 03-17-2014 05:07 PM

I googled a couple of references to Dance Like a Chicken Day - don't know who started it but there it was and seemed appropriate for a fun bunch of chicks. :D We definitely need a dancing chicken icon, Susan.

I love the excitement going on here! And wow, Rennie, that's terrific about your son. Size 16 shoes?!! OMG... That boy may still have some growing to do - yikes! ;)

love2b150 03-17-2014 05:47 PM

Zumba it's freezing here also, they've cancelled all after school activities. Thanks on the goals. I sure hope I can do it. I would love to go for 10lbs but I did so poorly on the last challenge I don't want to push it :)

Thanks Cattails, they actually didn't do anything today due to the weather, so hopefully tomorrow they'll have school and he can start then. I haven't shown him the post yet, but I want him to see that you can do it just by changing your eating plan for a week or so :) My husband is 6'6 and has a couple of uncles even taller so I'm not sure how tall my giants will be. The oldest boy is the only one whose feet seem to grow with his age. The other boys are tall and thin and have a normal size foot I guess. Our youngest daughter is 10 and thin, she wears a size 8 shoes, smh. So they all have more growing to do ;)

newleaf123 03-17-2014 11:16 PM

I want to be down 10 by 5/14. It's doable. I just gave to do it. I think that puts me back at 154 (groan).

zumba you got a dog??

Rennie ack! My DS is a 13 I think, right on the cusp of hard to find and very expensive. He turns 15 in a month, and is 6'2. Yikes! Hard to remember him as a little baby...

b: I juiced a bunch of veggies, and then used the juice for a protein shake.

S: snap peas with chipotle pepper hummus

L: chicken quinoa salad

S/D: peanut butter filled pretzels, half an avocado, a pear, a banana, 2 slices of bread with the hummus again.

I am thrilled to report I have finally mastered awesome, recipe-free hummus. Yay! I reconstitute dried peppers in boiling water, then chop the peppers and throw them in the food processor with everything else. Then, if I need to add water to thin, I use the water that the peppers soaked in. This creates an incredible, satiating flavor. :carrot:

newleaf123 03-17-2014 11:17 PM

Oh, and dancing like a chicken?? I'll leave that to you all... ;)

MarleneV 03-18-2014 01:41 AM

Weight this am was 127.0, so I'm blaming that on those darn cookies. I knew that would happen though. I've been "snacky" this evening, but stayed with things that are on program for me like cherry tomatoes, an egg & cheese stick.

No walk or 30DS today, instead we were getting a room ready for some college students that will be spending a few days with us for part of their spring break. That should be fun, DD is home for break too, so she can show them around.

My goal will be to stay in my range (124.0-126.0) as much as possible & exercise 4-5 days a week.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be in town for the 5K after all. That is the weekend after our big deadline, and I usually take a long weekend. We've gone back & forth on doing something or not. If we aren't going somewhere, I'd like to work on the house, but we said we were going to do that last year, and the time off was wasted because we didn't do anything.

hope everyone else is looking forward to success this challenge! We can do it!

Zumbachica 03-18-2014 07:58 AM

NEWLEAF Yes, I got a dog...it was a very spur of the moment kind of thing. Not sure if it was a good idea or not but i'm in love with her now so I guess she's staying :dizzy: I never had a dog before and don't know what i'm doing....my big challenge is getting her to sleep in her crate at night..it isn't happening....and i'm very very tired which in turn makes me want to eat carby junky food. By the way, peanut butter filled pretzels...YUMMMMM''

CATTAILS if you saw some of the stuff we do in my zumba classes and how people do them you would believe in chicken dance, it isn't just for one day a year....

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