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Zumbachica 02-28-2014 03:47 PM

SUM i hope you feel better.

CATTAiLS, I hurt my knee last week when I fell on ice...TWICE....not fun. Hope you feel better soon.

Well I am not looking at 150 on my scale anymore thank goodness, thanks to two days of low carb eating. I hope to continue.

Going to meet friends tonight .......tryng to figure out what i can drink that is low in carbs....

love2b150 02-28-2014 04:17 PM

Sum Good job on the 2lbs loss while out of town :) Wow 117lbs. I'm 5'3 also. I don't ever remember being that small. :) I remember being 128lbs when I got pregnant with my oldest in 1992. Sum love your reply to Zumba :) and we know failure is not in your vocabulary, you've got this and you know it :) Sorry you weren't feeling well and glad to hear you felt better today, Happy Birthday to your Husband :) enjoy dinner :)

Zumba love what you said to Sum about being smaller :) Sorry to hear about your fall :hug: I'm still reading so I hope you are ok :hug: Zumba good job on the pound down and the bloat gone :high: How do you like the shakes? Are they worth the cost? What are the benefits? I know I can read the reviews and I have two friends that sell them but I like to hear from real people not people trying to sell me something ;) thanks :)

Such a wonderful group of caring people here :hug:

Marlene :congrat: on your new low :) I love the sound of your trip :) I plan to take the kids to a cousins house when the weather breaks to ride, they've asked me about it since we went for Christmas :) No animal cookies? it's been awhile maybe I missed you giving them up. I was looking for the ones in the red bag at dollar tree that were fat free but they don't sell them anymore and the others I can stop eating so none for me :)

Cattails again with the kind words to Sum :) this group rocks :) The picture of you in your avatar ... do you weigh 116? I am really curious to see what one hundred something teen would look like on us. My daughter is 5'5 and weights 120. She's really small and shapely but I don't know that I would look good at her/your weight (if I ever get there :D) Sorry to hear about your Mom, hope she is all better soon :hug: LOL on the seat bones :) Hope your knee is ok :hug:

Guac glad your leg is getting better, sorry about the eating part. :hug: I had the same problem and decided that I have to totally eliminate some things where food is concerned because I allow them to control me and that's not good.

Hi Michelle, Heidi, and everyone else :wave:

I have had an experimental month. I only loss 2.2lbs but it's better than a gain. I was hoping to be at 165 by today. :) I did get back to my low this go around of 166.2 <--- the second time I've seen this number this week :) so I'm happy

Have a great weekend and I hope

love2b150 02-28-2014 04:23 PM

Zumba nice weigh in and tonic and lime ;) Enjoy :)

soon2beskinnyCarma 02-28-2014 04:51 PM

Sheesh I stay off the 40somethings for 2 weeks and you start a challenge. Jumping in late but I will shoot for 205 by St Patricks.

Marlene: what animal crackers brand do you buy? I bought some at a dmv vending machine and it was 220 calories for 16 crackers. They were yummy though.

Rennie: congrats on the 166.2.

Bettybooty: love the name. My daughter was a biter because of speech issues. It is frustrating when you have kids acting out. Hang in there.

Abbi: your thighs will thank you for running. The c25k program is good because it starts off with small amounts of running.

Chubby mum: It's nice when it's a peaceful house from them sleeping isn't?

I will catch up with the rest of the personnels when I get back from the store. Dd has been home with stomach flu and now the husband is home so I can go out.

love2b150 02-28-2014 04:55 PM

Carma good to see you, hope your son feels better soon :hug:

Sum38 02-28-2014 05:43 PM

Last day of lazing about and eating what ever I want. Dinner will be prime rib and bakes loaded potatoes and a yummy salad and side veggies cooked in butter :)

MarleneV 02-28-2014 08:52 PM

Hi all,

Haven't seen that low again.. 126.5 this am, likely because we ate dinner at Taco Cabana last night. Yesterday calories was about 1375.

The animal crackers are Stauffer's, they are fat-free and do come in a red bag. Here we can get 11oz bags at our local grocery store chain (HEB), and at Wal-mart in a 2 lb bag for $2.48. 8 of them (half a serving) is 60 calories, so 16 would be 120 calories. Rennie, I think I just didn't have any that day.

Today food:
B - balance protein bar, coffee with cream
L - salad with chicken, few tortilla chips, orange
S- orange, slice of cheese, 1 cup popcorn
D- salad, steak, guacamole, salsa, black olives, animal crackers, blackberries
S- I will have no sugar added ice cream if I'm hungry later.
That will put me at 1300 calories for the day.

love2b150 02-28-2014 09:33 PM

Sum your dinner sounds yummy :drool:

Thanks for the brand name Marlene, I couldn't remember for the life of me. I do believe I've seen them at Walmart but always new I could get them at Dollar Tree for less but not anymore. :(

busymamabreda 03-01-2014 03:29 AM

Hey I'm new here and IM REALLY IRISH. Lol can i say though that we NEVER say top o the mornin to ya. That's only in darby o gill leprechaun land. Ok so what's this paddys day challenge then and can i play???����

Magicsusan 03-01-2014 06:40 AM

Goodness! Yes, it is kind of quiet... I keep wondering where Nebraskamom went...

Sorry to hear about your ear infection, Sum. That's a real energy sapper and I hope you get better soon! Hope your DH's BD was fab!

Busymamabreda, welcome- I lived in Ireland for a year (I'm american by birth) and had a big lol at how different it all was from the stereotypes. Anyway, there is no specific challenge, people set their own challenges, and then use the thread for support/accountability. For example, My own mini challenge at the mo is to be <100k by the end of March when I go on holiday, and to keep doing my weights/c25k consistently.

Abbi, I'm with chubbymum on the running: I'm so glad I started. It's tiring right afterward, but on the other hand it's given me way more energy on the whole. I think food and exercise might be equally important, though... anyway, about the weight gain/lack of loss, I read that when you first take up running, the muscles hog water for a while to help feed the new muscles... Could be...

Cattails, those evil doorjambs will lurk lurk lurk and then pounce! I hope your knee is already better in time to enjoy your weekend!

Zumba, hope you had a good time!

Rennie, Carma, Marlene, hello to you all- have a great weekend.

I'm taking a weekend off from running but will be out walking in the forest. Hope my new avatar didn't confuse anyone; I wanted to change it for my 1 year 3fcversary, but had to wait till the weather cooperated to get up to the forest and snap a pic of my new running shoes, lol.

Cattails 03-01-2014 07:18 AM

Sum, ouch on the ear infection; glad to hear it's on the mend.

Hi Rennie! 2.2 lbs. loss is fantastic, nice going! You're going to see your next mini goal any moment now. I am holding at 116; I've got a small frame so it's really where I'm supposed to be, I think. I'll try to get a better picture (I am NOT photogenic at all!) soon, just for you. :)

Carma, here's hoping you stay healthy!

Darn it, Marlene, I'm going to have to look for those animal crackers - you've got me wanting them now!

Welcome, busymamabreda, and thank you for lending some authenticity to our St. Patrick's challenge! My own personal challenge here is to simply stay under 120; make yours whatever you choose.

Susan, I love your new avatar! Noticed it right away. :) Beautiful forest you've got there.

Zumba, ouch to falling on ice - and twice! - that's far worse than the evil lurking doorjamb. :) Sounds like low-carbing it is working well for you, yay!

My knee feels much better, thank goodness. I think tomorrow I'll get back to doing some workouts again. It's pouring down rain this weekend here, a good thing in our land of severe drought, though at this rate we may float away soon. Hope everyone has a terrific weekend and welcome to March!

Sum38 03-01-2014 08:08 AM

busymamabreda Welocme!! As Cattails said, make your own challenge; mine is to get to 135, which I highly doubt since this morning's weigh in was 141, but that was after a huge prime rib dinner ;)

Sum38 03-01-2014 08:45 AM

Last night we had a very nice dinner at a local restaurant. Scale is up by 0.8 pounds; I was expecting a much higher jump. -- I do not like this trend though, I am 3 pounds higher than I was after my vacation. So back to low carbing.

I am hoping to be healthy enough to start going to the gym starting Sunday.

Ear is still bugging me and now it is back to being clogged, ugh.

I think I will have a very low calorie day today. Loads of fruits and veggies. I want to see that 13x.x again and very soon!

love2b150 03-01-2014 09:25 AM

busymamabreda, :wel3fc: and to the thread :) My goals are to get down to 162 by 3/15; down to 158 by 4/1; 156 by 4/14 my birthday :celebrate:

Susan Happy 3FCvercary :) cute avatar, creative and appropriate :)

Thank you Cattails :hug: I think you look great in your avatar. :) I'm not photogenic either. My daughter took some picture of me and had she not edited them I would have looked terrible (my opinion) not hers. I am really starting to see my age in face and it is bothering me. I'd like to change my avatar. Those animal crackers are good and don't make you crave :) and my kids don't like them. They say they aren't sweet :D Glad your knee feels better :hug: I heard about the rain you all were going to get out there, stay safe :hug:

Sum sorry about the up, but the good thing is that you don't/never allow it to derail you and you get back on the horse :hug: as I always say and you know that you do ... "You've GOT THIS". Hope you ear gets better soon :hug:

I got up 165.6 ... I am .6 away from my low on 9/24/2010 ... I can't tell you how excited I am. I have not seen a number on a scale that I have stepped on lower than 165.0 so this is like a shout inside my body. I wanted to kiss the scale ... hope I don't mess it up

Have a great day everyone and to those that don't feel well or have bumps and bruises praying for your full recovery :hug:

Sum38 03-01-2014 02:35 PM

That is awesome Rennie!! Almost closer to your 150's than 170's!

I think I am doing a fast day; not by choice. -- It is 2:30 and I haven't had any time to eat yet. -- We bought my husband a new car and we closed on it this morning, bank stuff was quick but secretary of state took forever; then we had to drive all the way to the airport to return his rental car. By the time got home, it was way past 2 pm, too late to have lunch, so I will fast till dinner. I am not hungry anyways, I think my prime rib is just sitting in my tummy :D

I think I will make some salmon for dinner with lots of veggies and a big salad. The rest of the family will enjoy some rice as well.

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