February 2014 40-Somethings' Chat

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  • mezmerelda I have been following SBD, except I don't use sugar subs (I have been avoiding sugar all together) and I eat full fat milk products. -- I am a tad bit iffy on substituting butter to some chemically processed spray. -- So I guess I am not really SBD compliant -- I must follow some sort of a diet, but I don't know what to call it. I eat all real foods, nothing processed, nothing fake and nothing low fat.

    Would I qualify for Paleo with this menu...Or maybe I am flat belly cure. Dunno

    B - orange and egg
    L - Salad w/avocado, tomato, cuke, pepper, onion, chicken and dressing
    D - Steak, veggies sauteed in evoo
    S - apple w/ natural PB, string cheese (that is iffy)
  • Oh and I totally get it about dressing for interviews.... so sad. I was at the Volunteer Interview Session. I was the only one that was dressed up. I know lots of the other volunteer wannabees were young nursing students, but to show up in spanx and Ugg Slippers...not kosher.

    So when the time came to interview everyone. Mine took about a minute, the kids were sweating for 10 minute grueling session
  • Hi Ladies,
    I've kept off 9lbs and I'm proud of that as I am still working on eating because I'm hungry and not eating because of an emotion.

    Here is where I could use come guidance. I have found two skirts that I really want, but I'm thinking of buying them a size or two smaller than where I am to encourage myself to exercise regularly.

    Apple shape --Currently 230lbs, 5'9" size 18/20. Goal 180lbs. When I was at 180lbs in the past, I was about 12/14. So I'm not sure what size to order as I want to use them as a motivation to exercise regularly which is where I struggle right now.

    So my question is size 14 or 16(they are pencil skirts so I figure they will be fairly easy to have altered but still undecided about size)

    Any advise?
  • Abbi, that sounds so discouraging. Do hang in there, though; like Sum says, sometimes the effort and the scale just don't seem to be in sync. Who was it that made a great post about graphing your weight loss in order to look at the bigger picture and the overall (downward!) trend in order to put things in perspective? Anybody? I have such a dodgy memory!

    Sum, I'm American, but I have lived out of the US longer than in it now. Where in Switzerland was she living?
    I envy you your inch-loss. I am soooo uneven it's really discouraging. My upper arms are still so big, I'm wearing a size (or two) larger than I would need to for my torso, and the "upper bulge" on my stomach is much, much smaller, but the lower one hasn't shrunk at all and it looks ridiculous now in comparison! Well, I feel a lot better than I did a year ago, and am doing my regular walkies again, which I'm sure is building muscle and burning fat

    Jenn, that's a good question about the skirt. I don't know how fast you're losing weight, but my gut feeling is you don't want it hanging in your closet for too long because 1) it can start to haunt you if your progress isn't as quick as you'd hoped and 2) if it hangs around for too long, it's not as new or special any more, if that makes sense. Also, not trying to demotivate, but your body shape may change a bit too; what I mean is, the skirt may simply not suit you, even though it would be the right size. This is the voice of experience- I bought some super-cute 3/4 jeans to motivate me, lost the weight, the "fit," but just looked awful on me. Eventually I put them in the charity bin without ever having worn them because they got too big!
    An alternative might be to cut pictures of skirts you like out of catalogues and make a collage or pin board and set aside- no idea of skirt prices in the US- 5 dollars for every pound or something? You could treat yourself to a new one every 20 pounds or so? Just a thought...
  • Yep I have everything graphed. Its been a long road from 237lbs, so I should be happy with 156, but I just am not. I am sticking with it because I do feel good, but I just want to see progress! I keep repeating that i have lost 8 lbs this year already, which is good. I just want to be skinny tomorrow, is that too much to ask?!?!? HAHAH
  • Sum - you wouldn't have dairy (at least regularly) on Paleo. You'd be able to eat grassfed meats, fish/seafood, fresh fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, and healthy oils. The general rule (from what I've seen) is 3 non-paleo meals per week.

    Here's today's interesting resume/applicant story - received an application, including resume, from a tech school student almost 2 years out of college. Content issues aside (you're maybe 20, so why is your resume 2 pages long?), he saved the document with the edits/markups visible. So I can see the comments, changes, etc. I want to call him and tell him, but I've been told I cannot. I think I will call his career center later from my cell. I might give a student name, but I will not tell them what company I'm with. It helps that my cell is a Chicago area number so they won't know where I work. Someone needs to help him.
  • OMG that gave me a great laugh. Poor guy!
  • Sooooo... are in the midst of snow and ice for the last 12 or so hours.... super fun. Noone is on the streets. My company paid for hotels for employees and there are a few of us stuck in a office where the phones are not ringing anymore hahaha. I have stuck to it today - last night I drank too much wine. But I didn't eat bad and I did workout and I am working out tonight, eating right and drinking more wine. hahahah its what you do when you are trapped right?
  • Snapped ans ate 1588 calories today. In turn walked 8k steps and burnt 1673 calories.... BAM!
  • Hi everyone.

    I'm Lisa from Ohio. I am 46 years old and losing some weight. I am in the right mindset to do this. It's taken me a while but I am taking this in weight loss in mini goals.

    It's great to be here.
  • Welcome Lisa from Ohio.

    So yesterday went up 3 lbs which didn't make sense as I controlled my calorie intake and ran. I figured it was TOM which was yet to show. So this morning 206.4 lbs which may mean I could see my challenge.
    We have our neighborhood Valentines day party tonight. If it doesn't get cancelled due to the snow. I bought valentines cupcakes and am going to make those mushroom tartlet.

    Mezmerelda: so I take it your nowhere near ready to hire him?
    I had to do a weird online internal resume for the hospital I work for. I will admit I probably would be hopeless at a real resume. It's been 15 years. Thankfully I interview well and have a lot of doctors in my corner.

    Abbi: hang in there. Are you on the fit it forum so you can compete with people? I had a retiree that was beating me and I kicked it into high gear. I increase my step goal by 500 each week. Currently it's 13000. I don't go to bed until it's reached.

    Sept2012: hopefully your surviving the snow. It's years like this that make me regret not getting snow shoes.

    Jenn: I would go with the 16. A pencil skirt can be easily tailored to smaller.

    Susan: my lower bulge hasn't shrunk at all either. I still need to measure. Debating joining a curves so that they track it for me. Maybe I will do a 1 week trial.

    Everyone else
  • Hi everyone.

    I ordered some shirts online, 3x's and 4x's thinking they would fit me. Man, they were too big and I mean way too big. I called the company and ordered 2x's and made arrangements to return the ones that were too big. It's funny how everything runs differently.

    I hope you all have a great day.
  • Howdy neighbor, ohiofreespirit. A Michigander here Welcome!

    So guys, do you think it would be too OC to bring my scale along to my vacation?? I would like to keep myself in check through out the vacation.

    I shopped for the trip, I bought all food here, that way I don't need to find a grocery store right when we get there. (We are driving and we have a big SUV and a Thule box) -- I am also cooking pulled pork, my famous baked mac'n'cheese and Shepperd's pie. Easy "to go" meals to heat up. I think I will only have to cook once or twice once we get there. More time for me to enjoy vacation as well. Plus boys will be starving after a day on the slopes. Hot and ready meals will be welcomed.

    I hope that I won't gain during my trip. I will be able to exercise a few times when we are staying at hotels and the rest of the days, I can go on hikes. I will miss my weight/swim/aerobic routine. I hope my condition won't deteriorate too much Perhaps my body welcomes a rest period and I will feel stronger
  • Sum, if the hotels don't have scales in the gyms, I'd consider taking it for as long as you are going to be gone. Last summer I took mine on a month long cross country trip.

    I actually continued to lose on our trip, I had a few nice meals out, but stayed mostly on program. I was too new to hitting goal and too scared of gaining back to go far off.
  • Ok, quick post.

    sum since you asked, leave the scale at home! That's my vote. I think you left already, I wonder what you decided.

    ohio welcome!!

    mezmerelda totally hear you on people's lack if preparedness. I will say, though, I don't wear a suit now in the 2010s; seems outdated, at least for the kinds of jobs and industries I've been in. There was a point in time when the job market was really good and I was highly marketable, so I decided to wear a suit with slacks rather than skirt (1996) and I remember saying, "if the job requires that I wear nylons for an interview, then it's a job I don't want!" Ack, to be that employable and confident again... Times sure have changed.