So I just turned 40...

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  • Thank you so much! It's SO INFINITELY HELPFUL to hear from people who have made it. It seems impossible or just soooo far away sometimes. It's been so long since I was a reasonable weight, I've just lost any sight of myself that way. Thank you thank you thank you for checking in!
  • This thread was exactly what I needed to see today. I was pretty active on here for about for months three years ago, then let life derail me again, so I am returning. I thought that I was "making better choices" until I inputed what I ate into one of the food apps in my new smart phone.. I stopped adding when I was almost 500 calories over my alloted limit for the day! I turned 40 back in November, and I am okay with my age, I am not okay with not being able to enjoy it because I am out of energy.
    I am so happy to see about your journey, and look forward to seeing everyones progress. Congratulations and good luck!