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Default What advantages and disadvantages do you have in the weight loss game?

Stolen from the 30-something board..thought this was great and got me thinking! Here are mine:

Work a full-time desk job
Live in a suburb where we drive everywhere
Addicted to sugar
DH has no interest in healthy eating, or in exercise for the most part..he will play tennis, skate, or go for the occasional walk
DS has a lot of activities so I spend a lot of time chauffering him
I gain weight really easily
I think about food constantly

I belong to a gym 2 minutes from my house that has good hours
I actually like a lot of healthy food and dislike a lot of unhealthy stuff
I do the food shopping and can buy whatever I want
DH does most of the cooking for himself and DS, so I don't have to deal wth it..he will also cook for me if I give him the recipes
I live in a beautiful neighborhood to run in
DH is supportive of my time at the gym and doesn't try to sabotage in any way
My office is too cheap to do much for food, so there aren't usually temptations there
There's a refrigerator and microwave at work so I bring breakfast, lunch, and snacks every day
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Oooh! I like this idea - thanks for bringing it to the 40-something board!

*My age makes it harder to lose weight than when I was younger.
*My body type (apple) makes me always have a belly, even at lower weights.
*My neighborhood is very hilly, and I live at the top of the hill, making walks around the neighborhood difficult - the walk home is always uphill! Plus living at high altitude (8600 feet) means less oxygen for your workout.
*My family consists of a naturally thin husband and 2 teenagers with super fast metabolisms. They could eat junk food 24/7 and be fine with it.
*Family get togethers and activities almost always revolve around food, special meals, or restaurant meals out.
*I love wine, chocolate, salty snacks.......and did I mention wine?

*I'm in good health - no real issues or aches and pains.
*I have a gym-quality treadmill that I can and do use daily for exercise, when it's too cold to walk outside.
*I'm learning to like and crave veggies and fruits.
*I don't work, and the kids are in school full-time, so I have lots of time to devote to my new healthy lifestyle.
*My husband and family are supportive of my weight loss efforts.
*I do all the grocery shopping, and make all the meal decisions, so it's easier for me to make healthy choices.
*My friends are working to lose weight and be healthier, so we cheer each other on.
*I live in a beautiful area for hiking during the summer and fall.

That's my list for now. This is a good exercise for someone like me, who tends to use excuses for why I'm not successful. Putting it all down here, I can see there's really no reason for me to NOT be successful!
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Well, there is a reason that THIS time is a great time to do it. I have way more advantages to the game.

  1. I grew up with bad eating and exercise habits.
  2. I like to just sit around. I don't have this natural urge to move.
  3. I don't "have" to walk anywhere or be active because our society is totally convenience driven.
  4. Foods that I shouldn't eat are everywhere - in the grocery stores out in pretty displays, at home for the rest of the family (grains, etc), at parties, etc.
  5. I am a carb addict, so once I cave on carbs, it's hard to stop.

  1. I live in a planned community (mature - 46 years old) that has walking/bike paths everywhere.
  2. All my kids schools are walkable.
  3. I can ride my bike or walk to the library, grocery store, mall as they are all easily commutable.
  4. I only work part-time, so I have the opportunity to work out and cook well.
  5. Our planned community has membership to 3 gyms plus all the town's outdoor pools.
  6. I can take as many classes a week as I want as part of my member for no additional cost.
  7. We have enough income to eat well and to get the fitness things to keep me motivated.
  8. My husband is extremely supportive of whatever I need to do for my health and is much more realistic than I am, so he's a good counter-balance.
  9. My husband and son don't have food issues, so it makes it easier for me to emulate normal eating patterns.
  10. My husband exercises with me a couple times a week - we encourage each other.
  11. I have the internet to find information and support when I need it.
  12. I have my health. I caught things before I developed diabets or before I didn't any long term damage to my organs/body.

I'm sure there are more. I don't really count my age as a disadvantage. I'm still losing weight fine. It might be less predictable than when I was younger as my cycles are all unpredictable, but in the end, I still lose quite well if I really put the effort into it.
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I'm never quite sure if it's ok for me to post on certain forums (or at all) on this site since I'm a "fat guy on a diet", but here goes:

- As a guy, my BMR burns more calories than you ladies burn. I'll eat 1800 calories a day and still be "on plan".
- I also do all the shopping and cooking, which really helps me to stay on plan.
- I was somewhat of a serious athlete in my younger/fitter days, so have a fairly good sense of how far I can push my body during workouts.
- I have a wonderful, awesome, best friend/soul mate for a wife. She supports and encourages me at every turn.
- Even though I have trouble motivating myself to exercise, once I do it, the feeling I get afterwards is amazing. It's like a drug that feels really really awesome, yet is also good for me.
- I can eat the same exact thing for many days in a row and not get sick of it.

- Man do I love fast food. It's cheap and everywhere and tastes amazingly good (to me).
- It's been sooooooooo long since I've maintained a healthy weight, I don't even remember what that is like. For the last 20+ years I've either been moving up or down on the scale.
- I'm a night owl, and also like to eat at night. My calories and nutrition can be great all day, but when 11:00 pm rolls around, I'm the only one up and there's all this food!! 1500 calories worth of peanut butter, chips, chocolate, leftovers from dinner, etc... later - I hate myself.
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Thanks for's so interesting to read others' stories!

fitdad, I've always envied men in the weight loss game as you do seem to lose much more quickly, but I've also wondered about the peer pressure aspect. Women meeting for lunch and eating salads is the norm, but not something you see with men...
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I haven't posted to this thread because I'm still chewing on it. Definitely food for thought!
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My height - I can eat more and carry the weight better
I like veggies and healthy foods
I exercise regularly and usually enjoy it
I am muscular
I am committed to this for the long haul!
I seem to be able to lose even when eating carbs
Surrounded by gyms
Work has lots of programs that support weight loss, including cafeterias offering several healthy options, and on-site fitness centers
I am in good health (knock on wood)
Very walkable neighborhood with lots of variety: hills, flat areas for running, my block is about the length of a standard lap


A messed-up thyroid
Binge eating disorder
Very demanding, stressful job that requires long hours
Difficulty sensing when I'm truly full
No emotional support - feel truly alone in this journey
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I've done this lots of time before so I know what it takes.
I have an elliptical machine.
I have a dog to walk.
My husband is supportive and struggles with similar issues (can be a con too though).
The weather is usually mild so I can walk outdoors year round.
I have a closet full of beautiful dresses that I can't wait to wear, which motivate me.

Binge eating disorder.
Chronic Daily Migraines (with an abnormal MRI) meaning I'm in constant pain, making it drain my motivation.
I wake to to go to the bathroom so much that I can't sleep well.
Frequent food temptations.
Tough time being patient with weight loss, making me want to give up.
I hate my binge eating disorder.
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  • Super supportive family and friends
  • I have a lot of willpower to fight temptations
  • I love to cook
  • I enjoy exercise
  • I don't have body image issues - fat or skinny, I'm just a seriously awesome chick

  • PCOS
  • My body hates grain carbs
  • I love to cook
  • Working 2 part time jobs = crazy schedule
  • Years and years of unhealthy food thought - using food for reward, comfort, excitement, etc.
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This is very interesting and informative.

*DH is incredibly supportive and encouraging
*we've started a wellness team at work and are holding little competitions based on fitness. These are great for my naturally competitive nature.
*for 46, I am fairly healthy, so I don't have restrictions to my diet or exercise.
*DH and I shop together, and he gravitates naturally to healthy foods.
*DH does most of the cooking and will make whatever recipes I find on Internet.
*i live in an older neighborhood near the town center, so there are sidewalks, and we can walk to library, shops, restaurants, etc.

*i am a sweets junkie.
*Although DH does most of cooking, he also works a ton, so we go out to eat a lot (3-4 times a week), which makes making good choices harder.
*i am a glutton and a sloth, which I constantly have to fight against.
*i am (was) a yo-yo dieter, and I'm not sure i can lose and keep off the lbs.
*there are 7 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in my kitchen as.I.type.this!
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I have a great capacity to be lazy.
My age, what worked to get weight off at 20 doesn't work at 40.

I have a great capacity to be active and try new things.

What mattered to me at 20 (being thin) is much different than what matters now (having a healthy body that will carry me for the next 50 years.)

I am completely healthy and can take my pick of workouts: run, walk, yoga, hoop, gym stuff, weights, swim, etc.

I live in a safe neighborhood that allows for outdoor exercise without concern for my safety.

I have a bike, kayak, snow shoes, xc skis and a beach that is 1 mile away.

I have hiking gear, running shoes, yoga mat.

I have access to healthy, local meats and veggies. And I can afford pretty much whatever type of food I'd need.

I have friends who will work out with me if I want.
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I am short so I don't have as many daily calories to work with
I live in the middle of nowhere so:
- no gym
-produce at the store is really expensive
- I can't have fresh fruits and vegetables readily available at all times
I have to do a lot of work at home after hours
My boyfriend loves junk food and thinks he is being nice when he brings me my favourite chips from the store.
It is common for the outside temperature to be -20

I am short so it is more noticable when I lose weight which keeps me motivated
I live in the middle of nowhere so no fast food/take out available
I order my food in from a nearby town so if I don't order junk food it is easier to keep it out of the house
The junk food at the local store costs so much that frugal me won't buy it no matter how much I am craving it.
I am surrounded by beautiful mountain trails 2 minutes from my house.

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1...on a restricted fluid intake diet for medical reasons.
2...on a restricted sodium diet for medical reasons.
3...medications make me fatigued. daughter brings home a lot of junk food. swing shift, and have to save my energy for work, so exercising is out for the most part.

1...I'm doing good at reading labels due to dietary restrictions.
2...I've learned how to modify some of my favorite recipes already.
3...I love fresh produce.
4...I work swing shift, so can control what I eat at dinner time by only packing nutritious foods.
5...I love me!

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*After a lifetime of being a spectator at best, I've found a sport I love and which makes me want to get fitter so I can play better and get more time on the pitch.
*I'm not working so I have time to devote to fitness.
* I'm using intuitive eating which means I'm already in maintenance mode - it's livable and flexible.
* I like healthy foods more than I like unhealthy foods.
* I am an awesome cook - so the food I make is delicious.
* I love my gym. I'm on a great plan at the hot yoga. There are lots of great places to run near me.
* I have a kickass digital scale which sends the numbers straight to my phone making it really easy to track.

*the sport I love has an unhealthy lifestyle associated with it - too much drinking and smoking And I'm often in pain. I'm off non-sport running right now because of a training accident.
* I'm an emotional eater and I'm in a very unhealthy place emotionally - crappy marriage, unemployed.
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*DH won't eat a lot of foods and I have now allowed DS to slip into the same habit
*I have been in the habit of drinking wine every night (which is what DH does). I can stop that completely when dieting but find it a very easy habit to slip back into.
*I have a long track record of eating when bored/greedy
*Sweet tooth


*I like healthy food - a lot.
*DH is supportive
*I can be quite determined and when I put my mind to weight-loss I have good results
*I enjoy exercise (when I am fit - it will take work to get there!)
*I live very close to the sports centre, go there 4x a week to watch DS swim and the gym overlooks the pool
*I have knowledge and experience of a variety of diet plans to keep things
*I have already lost over 40 lbs so I know I can do it (and I feel much better!)
*I have downloaded the Dr Beck book and it makes a lot of sense to me
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