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Default Are there any other 40 something new mums?

Hi, I was wondering if there were anyother 40 something new mums on board?
Do you find it harder to lose weight being ''older and a mother'' because I definitly am.
I think a few factors are :

1.) I HAVE to cook meals for dd, so of course I am eating them too, whereas before I could go without or just pick through the day... i don't think set meals are good for me.
2.) I don't have the time to think about myself, or really the inclination, it's ALL about my daughter.

I've found losing weight in the past I've been pretty selfish with how much time and dedication I spent on myself so could get in the groove alot easier, BUT I NEED to lose this weight more now BECAUSE I am a mum AND I am older. I don't want to be an embarrassment to her and I want to be able to keep up with her.

Her latest is I have to dance and run round the living room with her, and woe betide if I want to sit down! Major hissy fits!
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hello. its awesome that you're making the choice to take better care of yourself for you, and for your daughter. i know it isnt easy! it sounds like she might whip you into shape whether you like it or not. LOL

i am not a new mom but i am helping raise my 3 year old granddaughter. some days i dont have the energy to do any more than i absolutely have to. i didnt go thru a later pregnancy like you have, so that in itself had to be rough...

i cook the babys meals too, and sometimes i eat them and sometimes i dont, but i noticed i eat healthier when im having what she's having. plus she loves the company! its funny how we focus on giving the little ones healthy meals and snacks but when it comes to us, we skimp. it shouldnt be that way, should it? you dont HAVE to eat the full meal she does, but maybe have the fruit, juice/milk, or the cheese and crackers? (just an example) that way her healthy snack/drink will become yours as well.

with the winter months, they're cooped up indoors and need an outlet for their energy. ive been thinking about this too...i have a couple of ideas...we could get down on the floor (i know, lol) and play games and exercise with them or put in a fun dance video/dvd and burn our energy too! just ideas but they might work!

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I'm 42 and I've got an 8 yo and an almost 3 yo. I was never able to lose weight before recently (although oddly enough I was back to my big ol' pre-pg weight by 6 weeks post-partum), so I'm not sure how it's been different after kids versus before. I am pretty happy with the way my weight loss has been going, but that is mostly because it was impossible before recently. I am probably losing pretty slowly by most standards.

My kids usually eat better when I'm eating better. I don't allow nearly as much junk in the house and there's no fast food or eating out. I eat about 2 g of carb a day, so what I normally do is just make whatever I'm going to eat and then I make them a salad and usually give them a piece of fruit. I do have a few snacky carby things for them and some cereal for my 8 yo's b'fast. So, they aren't eating terribly low carb. I would seriously not consider making them a separate meal. I think most of us who are dieting believe that the way we're eating is a healthy way to eat, so why shouldn't our children be eating the same, maybe with a few extras?

When I'm off plan, then there's really trouble, because then I'm either allowing them to eat the crap I'm eating or I eat a nice healthy meal with them and then what I really wanted later.
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Hi there and welcome!

I'm 43 and the proud mom to a 2 1/2 year old (and a 6 and 8 year old!)- so I can totally relate to what you're saying.

I also find it much harder to lose weight now than I did pre-kids.. I never have the time to really focus on things, it feels like. I think you have to do the thing that feels the easiest for you to manage - for me, it's calorie counting. I use livestrong 'myplate', and while I don't keep up every single day, I do most days. Sometimes I even fill in the previous days worth of calories before I start the new one. It really keeps me honest, and also, nothing is off limits. But I do have to account for everything.

So when I make the kids a snack, I join them if it's a healthy one, or I have a part ofwhat they're having - whatever fits into my calorie goals for the day. I aim for about 1500 a day, plus 1/2 hour of exercise most days. That part can be problematic, now that my 2 year old no longer loves teh stroller. So what I now do is exercise outside the door to my bathroom - where he is sitting in the big bath playing with a ton of animals and toys. I can see (or hear!) him at all times so it's quite safe. He's happy and I can squeeze in 25 mins or so.

When my other kids were this age, I used to wait til they were both in bed, then left daddy in charge while I went out for a 1/2 hour walk/jog. I also really enjoyed that time to myself. I lived in the country at the time so it was really a perfect scenario - now I'm in a city of 6 million, so... not so much!

Anyhow GL and looking forward to talking to you more!
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I am 40 & the mother of a 4 month old..a 14 year old & a 13 year old! Im finding it hard now because I dont feel like I have enough time to even exercise. (+ its to cold outside) Im working full time (didnt have to with my older boys) I need to get into a groove. Once it warms up I plan on taking baby for walks at night. Maybe that will help.
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Hi everyone
I am new to 3FC! I have found reading these forums so inspirational! I have just started out on my weight loss journey.

I am a 42 year old mum of an almost 1 year old little girl. She was conceived after many years and 6 goes at IVF... so precious.

My weight gain happened during the time I was on the IVF drugs... I seemed to put on about 5kg (11 lbs) each cycle and struggled to lose any of it in between. I say it was the drugs lol but if I am truthful it also had alot to do with emotional eating as I found the whole process really hard and coming to terms with the fact that I might never have a baby was devastating after each failure. I deserved those chips and that chocolate!!! (so I thought)

Trying to lose the weight now is hard. Harder than when I had to lose some weight late 20s. For me I think age has made it harder - I definately cant eat as much without stacking it on!

I also agree its harder with a little one as its really impossible to find the me time. So I try and walk an hour or more each day with the pram. I will walk to a nice park that is a while away so Isla can have a bit of a play at the end of the walk and doesnt get too bored and she generally will sleep on the way home.

Food is hard. I have a fussy eater on my hands and if she doesnt eat it I find myself eating whatever it is I have prepared for her (its yummy...!!! lol). I am starting out on Optifast shakes plus salad at one meal just for the ease of it and to see some results to motivate me. But really, I think after a month or two I will just have to eat real food and count calories.... also, I really want Isla to have a healthy role model re food. I think it might be weird if all she sees is mum drinking shakes and not eating real food??

Anyway. Early days yet. I just hope I can continue and not fall in a hole again. I so want to be able to get into a swimming costume and take Isla swimming next summer! We are going to plan a little holiday to Fiji when (not if) I reach my goal!!!

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Hi- I haven't officially started on my plan yet... will be doing Medifast starting on Monday. I became a new mom last year at the age of 46. We adopted a beautiful girl from Ethiopia. I am taking on the challenge of losing weight for good because it has been very hard for me to keep up with our 7 year old! She is quite active and I am so exhausted. I owe it to her to be around and to be be fully involved in her life...which means not staying in the side lines while she's doing all these new activities.
I was already embarrassed once last summer when I couldn't fit on one of her kiddy rides! I told myself that wasn't going to happen again.
Glad to have found all the support and great information here (although the Papa John's advertisement is annoying me right now)!
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