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  • oh where oh where did everyone go???

    Well i did well yesterday after eating to much for dinner the night before, but then before bed I ate two chocolate bars and a few cookies .... sighhhh

    but back at it today, had a great workout and looking forward to a great weekend with nothing on the agenda after a few busy weeks.
  • Hey everyone! Just back with a quick update. I have been crazy busy and haven't had time to post. I hope you are all staying on track. I finally weighed myself, after more than a month. I am back to 181, so my ticker now accurately reflects my current weight. I backtracked badly during the month of August, but managed to get back on track during September.

    Now....I need to make it to that darn 179lbs - when my BMI will officially be out of the obese range. I have been trying for this goal since at least July, and have yet to make it. So, here I go again. So close but yet so far.
  • I started a new thread for October! http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/40-s...l-welcome.html
  • Can someone start a Halloween goal thread or is there one already and I am missing it? We can have it for weight/eating/exercise or whatever for goals or maintaining.