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  • Hi all, It's been a while since I was here, still have this bad cold, getting better though. No appetite, so haven't been eating any junk food. I figure healthy food will help me recover faster. The good thing is, that I am getting in the habit of eating smaller meals, eating no processed junk food, and am finding I can't eat that much at one time & i don't need tons of food to survive. I think my stomach shrank! Also, I'm still exercising everyday even though I'm sick, they say it helps boost your immune system.
  • Sept 21
    B= 2c milk, vits , banana
    L= 1/2 chickfila chicken salad sand, small peach milkshake {so-so}
    D= S'west Patties, homemade salsa, refried beans w cheese
    S= choc muffin 2c milk
    E= 30min cardio/weights
  • Hi All, busy last week for sure.

    FL glad your feeling better

    PP glad to hear the update on your dad.

    Heather Angel - I would be exhaused too!

    My trip with my mom and sis went awesome, ate well every day cept one, I should have had something hot to eat and probably would have been more satisfied then just sandwhiches and salad. Back at work once again. Have not weighed myself for a bit but would like to as I feel like I have lost a few pounds.
  • Sept 22
    B= 2c milk, vits, banana
    L= PBJ, sliced peaches
    S= carrots, spicy ranch
    L= PH Pasta, g beans, breadsticks, maranaria for dipping
    S= 1/2 snickers
    S= choc muffin, 2 c milk
    E= none

    Went to two Walmarts and a Target in search of Leslie Sansone's new workout 5 Fast Miles. No luck.

    We got home to find that a huge branch {diameter of a dinner plate} fell out of the neighbor's tree, taking out their power!

    I found a series of Blog enteries by a knitting designer called Fit to Flatter. http://www.amyherzogdesigns.com/f2f/ The idea is "don't spend time knitting a sweater that is the wrong style for you'. Hubby measured me and we found out that I'm a pear! I've been dressing for an apple/ruler for years and now I'm a pear. So I've been reading up on pears and found out that I've been doing a lot of the right things anyway. Good to know.

    Ashley, good to hear from you. I'm glad you had a good trip!
  • The weekend once again yay! Ate everything and anything yesterday but back on track today. Not going to beat myself up it doesnt do anything anyway but make you feel crappy and depressed. Moving forward and about to go for my lunchtime hike. Have two birthdays this weekend - yikes, one tonight at my house for my stepdaughter who is visiting, I think she will be 23, so many dates to remember now. And one of my grandaughters will be two tomorrow so big bbq then and pizza tonight, my fav papa murphys.
    Hoping to just take it one meal at a time, I did so well on my trip I wish I could always think like that but we were so busy the whole time there was no time to be bored and eat.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!
  • Sept 23
    B= 2 c milk, vits, 1/2 Chickfila salad sand
    D= 1/2 Mex Chicken pizza {mix crust, salsa, taco sauce, sharp chedder, chicken onions, pepper}
    S= choc muffin 2 c milk
    S= apple w PB
    E= 10min kettlebells {didn't like DVD}+ 30min cardio/weights

    Sept 24; Hubby has gone to watch a friend and his entire family jump out of an airplane togther for the friends Bday. {Friend was a Army Ranger and this will be his 71st jump.}

    Asked Mom about colors for the stole and she said after more thought she didn't want one, so I've started one for myself; but after seeing/trying on mine she may change her mind, LOL.
  • Hi All! I'm popping back in here. have been trying to be good, done some exercising but am getting back on the ol' horse. Plus, honestly, on one of the threads I was on, someone was kinda mean and negative and I left the Chicks for a while. So!
    I'm gonna help you kids stay motivated!!

    All: a great place to keep track of your food and exercise is MyFitnessPal (also has an app) and the community there is good too.

    Penguin - love your crafts/sewing! I've always said, why would anyone jump out of a perfectly good airplane??!!

    Ashley - good attitude: one meal at a time! I like it! Hope your granddaughter enjoyed her day!

    Heather - you get a gold star for that field trip!!

    it's good to be back!!! Now I gotta remember how to change my weight on the tracker....
  • Sept 25
    B= 2 c milk, vits, banana
    L= Jason's Deli cup Cheese Broc soup, blue corn chips, 1/2 Sarge Pepper's Sand
    S= choc chips TOM related
    D= homemade chili, 2 cornbread
    S= Spice muffin
    E= none

    Sept 24,
    B= 2 c milk, vits
    L=roast beef sand
    S= milk, choc muffin
    D= Chickfila wrap, honey mustard dressing
    S= apple w pb
    E= 40min kickboxing
  • Penguin lookit you doing a little kick boxing! Way to burn!!!
  • Before I forget, PatchworkPenguin.....Leslie's 5 Fast Miles comes out in Oct. as far as I know. You can preorder it online at Walmart dot com and her site. At least you could a few weeks ago.

    (NOTE: I was mistaken and I guess the new one IS out. If you look on the Walk Away The Pounds thread over in fitness videos, you'll see a review by Cathy on page 4. Sorry.)

    Yep, I'm back! Have had so much going on the last several weeks. Finally got my big work project done and sent off last week. Now I just have to wait to see if we passed. It could be 3 months before I hear the results.

    I had a bad cold for a few weeks and am still coughing up gunk from that. Yuck!

    My younger son and I went on a weekend trip two weeks ago and stayed in a cabin at a State Park here in OK. It was so nice. We've had beautiful weather lately for that type of thing. Still praying for an end to this drought. We got about an inch here last week, but WAY less than what we need.

    I am glad to say that I am back to 154 after some ups and downs with my weight. Hoping I am on the way back down and hope to hit the 140s within the month.

    I started a new hobby....making soap! I'm just doing the melt-and-pour method, not the actual chemical process of making soap with lye and curing, etc. LOTS of fun and I have thought I might try to sell it. Not sure where to start on that, though. Still, I'm really enjoying it. Just have to be careful not to spend too much time or money on it if it is just going to stay a hobby.

    So glad to be back with you all!!
  • Annie, good to hear from you. Soapmaking sounds like a wonderful hobby. I bet bars of soap make good gifts! One of my friends on my fitness forum got Leslie's last week at her local Walmart! She lives in a smallish town in GA, but we don't have it here in Memphis yet! Grrr!
  • Sept 26
    B= 2 c milk, vits, banana
    L= roast beef sand
    D= Southwest Patty, salsa, refried beans {leftovers}
    S=choc chips
    S=apple w PB
    E=50min abs/cardio/weights

    This is TOM week and I feel I've been doing a good job on resisting sweets so far. I haven't weighed this week but have maintained my 2 lbs loss! I'm really excited about those measly 2 lbs, too!
  • Popping in once again, the two birthdays over the weekend - one was great eating and one i had two pieces of pizza and lots of cake. On track again, would like to weigh myself as clothes are getting looser and i fit into a pair of pants that did not fit a month ago yay! Having nice summer weather here and enjoying it completely. Stepdaughter goes home tomorrow, it was so nice to have her visit, I miss her lots. We offered her to come live here (alberta) she lives in idaho, if she wanted and we would help her. She just got divorced and is only 23, she has not had her mom in her life for many years. It's nice to be around family for sure.

    Hope everyone has a great week, glad to see your still around Annie!
    Penguin - way to go on the 2 pounds.
    realmesomeday good to hear from you!
  • Today, I got a copy of Leslie's newest at Target on sale! Hopefully, I can do it soon. I'm not sure what I have yet if its just allergies or what. I tend to wake up with sore throat's when the weather is changing and I've gotten cold overnight, I think that was the case but I feel stuffy/headachy too. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. I took a 1/2 dose of Dayquil during the day and my regular Benedryl overnight. I made chicken soup for lunch and had it again for dinner.

    I saw Afterburn first but the clip for Slide and Glide looks like FUN, until they get to the abs section, LOL! http://cathe.com/slide-glide-video-clip

    Sept 27,
    B= 2 c mik, vits, banana
    L= homemade chicken soup, 2 bread/butter
    S= choc chips
    S= cornbread
    D= more chicken soup, 1/2 turkey sand, baked beans, cran juice
  • PP hope your feeling better!

    Still haven't weighed myself I want to do i soon. It is so nice to have loose pants day after day. Had a good day food wise so far. Onward we go!