40-Something Chat/Accountability A September to Remember! All Welcome!

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  • Super congrats Leslie! That's so cool. What an accomplishment!
  • Thank you all!!
    Leslie- Great job!
    Annie- hope you feel better soon!

    This will be quick, I'm very tired & stomach has not been good for the past 3 days. I'd really like to know what the heck is going on with me. Tried to go to our city fair, got really bad stomach cramps & couldn't walk around. Had to leave 30min after we got there.

    For no reason at all I gained back a pound of what I had lost yesterday. I'm not eating much, I don't get it. Have a good weekend!
  • Thanks guys !!

    Hope you're feeling better Fruitlady !!

    It's a beautiful day here and we're off to a wedding. Should be a fun time. Have a great weekend all !!
  • I can't believe this great weather here in Seattle! Although I have taken off the few pounds that I gained when my family was here (I REALLY need to do something about stress eating), I am feeling a bit upset and down that I am constantly confronted about my woe. I am an Intermittent Faster and it suits my body to eat just one meal a day (dinner). It works great for me and I am balanced and not hungry. However, I am trying to ignore the discomfort of others as they eat when I do not. I doesn't bother me and they need to learn to just deal with it and enjoy my company only. Learning curve. Sigh.

    iara: "September as the launch of all good intentions" This is me too! September is like my new beginning too. I guess that is partly why Autumn is my favorite season! Congratulations and Na-nu, Na-nu!

    fruitlady: Sending healthy vibes your way -------------> I hope that you discover what is ailing you.
  • My parents took us out to a local BBQ place for an early dinner today to celebrate Hubby's Birthday {which isn't until Sept 11!}, but Dad will have his heart operation on Tues then will be in ICU and otherwise recovering for a few weeks so we celebrated early.

    I had a good nights sleep last night!

    Leslie, good job! congratulations

    FL, hope you feel better

    Archy, glad the weather there is so nice.

    Iranda, I feel like its the beginning of the year also.
  • Um....I'm in shock, I did it, yes, the it....I'm at goal, ****, I'm under goal....I will get a story and some pics together this week and post them. I wanted to share the news here first because I feel over the past two years and two months I came this forum most often for the success stories, the support needed, the vents, the recipes and the smiles My word, I feel like a could climb a mountain if I wanted.....yayaayayayayayaya!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Annie, I hope you're feeling better now!

    iaradajnos, I always thought those people who shared or split a dessert were crazy too. Matter of fact, I was the one trying to suck down the last of everything before someone else got a hold of it, and not necessarily desserts. Now a days, I don't think I would mind because it gives me the taste and reduces the damage. I'm glad you had a good time and I hope you've found the courage to get on a scale. Even if you gain, and it was probably well worth it. Thank you for complimenting my avatar!

    Congrats Hydra!! I'm so close to the beginning, I can't imagine the end. You must feel amazing! I can't wait to see your pictures.

    Archychick, I was reading about intermittent fasting the other da. Interesting! It's not something I would want to do, but I was looking at the benefits of maybe an occasional fast.

    Patchwork: I hope your dad does well. I will be thinking of you and him this week.

    Leslie: I hope you have fun at your wedding and didn't eat too much cake!

    I'm still confused about what a whoosh is!

    I weighed in on Friday and I stayed the same weight. Very frustrating! I hope it comes off soon, I have a deadline! It's hard to keep a calorie burn up when I don't work. Today I didn't want to run on the treadmill either, to give my body a break. I'm trying to build up time. So far, about a minute is all I can handle at a time. So instead, I did a steady paced walk for a 40 minutes. It's better than nothing.
  • Hydra- Congrats!! Now your going to be a maintainer, like me!

    Thanks to all for the Get Well wishes!!!! You guys are the best chicks ever!!

    I am feeling much better today, been chewing peppermint gum all day, it helps. I need to buy a peppermint plant that I can keep indoors all winter, I could chew on the leaves to help my stomach.
    Does anyone know if I could find one in the herb section of a plant store?? or is it it an annual plant?
    I'm being very careful w/ food I choose to eat. I really don't want to go through this everytime I eat, it's effecting my daily routine, especially exercise. When something doesn't agree, it takes 3 or 4 days for my stomach to clear up. I've just about had enough!!

    Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!!
  • twinie- a woosh is a huge weight loss that is all of a sudden, lol
  • Fruitlady, I don't see why you couldn't grow mint indoors year round. If you're at all concerned about it getting enough light, you can get plant bulbs at Walmart or wherever they sell plants. My house is so dark, so I started to use plan lights. My plants are doing well!

    Oh, and thanks for defining "woosh". I could sure use one of those!
  • penguin: Sending good vibes to you in regard to your father's operation ------------>

    Hydra: CONGRATULATIONS!!! How absolutely fabulous that you hit and beat your goal! Girl, you can do anything you set your mind to.

    twin: Well, you didn't gain and you still exercised. You get thumbs up from me.
  • Hydra - Congratulations!!!!!!

    Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend! My eating has not been great...but...today is another day.
  • Hi folks. Vacation was great with some awesome highs and a couple very challenging woes. I had many more happy highs but a couple things have emerged from home I'll share here with other 40 plus'ers.

    I found out my elderly dad has taken out an old rifle and is keeping in his bedroom (with bullets on a shelf next to it). I don't know guns at all (I've since become Quaker about 10 years back, to boot) so I couldn't even check it to see if he's keeping it loaded. I told my middle/older sister who visits almost daily and she says she'll have my bro-in-law check it.

    The issue is both he and his one year younger sister are alone and easily get scared. Both are widowed--my dad for nine years and my aunt for six months. They are very fearful. I need to talk with my cousins, sisters, and nieces about changing the way the drop by for visits. My cousins recently scared my aunt half to death when my one cousin came in from out-of-state to surprise his mom for her birthday (just a few months after my uncle passed away). They thought it'd be a awesome surprise and still don't know how much they truly frightened their mom. My sisters and nieces pop over to my dad's house to check in, do chores, or visit. They sometimes just walk in and they rag on my dad for being in his underwear.

    I talked with my aunt about my dad's decline. It really makes her sad that they can't visit more. They grew up as very close and my dad visited alot after work when I was growing up. Now, they're both alone but not visiting. My dad is a big curmudgeon and misanthrope--crabby old man who likes to be alone. I love him very dearly and know that his old solitary preferances are turning towards misantrope behavior because of age and losing my mom.

    Although I have concerns and see specific responsibilities to act on, I am not an emotional mess or too saddened. I know that I'm experiencing what many families are going through--the so-called "sandwich generations". I'm watching my children grow in to greater and greater independence as I also watch my dad slowly lose his. I appreciated my vacation time to visit and also had opportunities to reflect on the personal and philosophical parts of all this.
  • Hello, all! How nice to read that people are joining, maintaining, losing in whooshes, celebrating, making goal and generally keeping at it!

    I gained three pounds... but honestly, I was obviously TRYING to - I was eating as if the world is running out of food and I needed to eat it for everyone!! Ugh. But, as has been said, September is always the start of my 'new year' too, so when I saw THAT number on the scale this morning, I didn't cry - I came on here, put my ticker to the truth, and sucked it up. I ate it, now I have to lose it. I suspect no one is going to do it for me!

    Honestly? I don't want to spend one more year being this unhappy with my BODY. There are SOOOO many things I CAN'T control; putting off improvement of the one thing I CAN, the one thing that makes me truly miserable, is nonsensical. **deep breath** Okay, here we go.

    Have a good day, folks!
  • Hi, jumping in here on one of my periodic stints on 3FC, which i think is just the best forum ever.

    So I had a very successful week--1,400 calories, walking and swimming, no alcohol....Then had company last night and fell off the wagon spectacularly. Wine, chips, dips, three pieces of chocolate cake (two after everyone went to bed).

    Naturally, am up 2.5 pounds this morning. Oh well. Pretty typical stumble, right? Gonna try to get right back on the horse.