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Question *blush* Will I look better naked?

Hi Ladies,

I need to start this off by saying that I have never been successful at losing weight. My question is a bit embarrassing, and I genuinely have no idea what the answers will be.

But... when we lose weight... do we just sort of 'melt' and keep the same shape? Or do we look better?

If I'm exercising moderately, will I always have cottage cheese thighs? Will I always have muffin top, just in a size smaller than now?

Or.. do our bodies change shape some as we lose?

I... I'm not sure if these questions make sense or not. I'm just hoping.. that... well.... I'm hoping.... that if my body changes some.. in a positive way.. that.. it will be motivation to keep going a little longer, a little further this time.

So far, I've had 8 consistent weeks of weight loss and a loss of 15 lbs. But, it's the same 15 pounds I always gain and lose and this is about the time I usually just give up.

I'm trying to stay with it.

Will I look better naked, if I am able to do so?

"Make time to be healthy or make time to be sick."

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Even if you don't look better naked, you will definitely feel better nekkid...that's probably not much help. Nobody can tell what the end result will be for any of us, pretty much. It seems obvious that you will look better, but better is so subjective. If you didn't start out looking like a Barbie doll, chances are you won't look like one at your goal weight either. I'm short and fat and even after I lose weight, I will still be short, LOL! I worry sometimes because I will prolly be saggy baggy. But I will be better able to do things I enjoy and I will be healthier, so I may have to settle for that...and know it is a really big improvement and that there are more important things than how I look compared to some *ideal*.

How wonderful if we could each learn to approve of looking the best that *I* can look for my own circumstances and shape and age etc. My own personal best instead of the closest to someone else's idea of best...

I'm gonna work on the weight thing and then see what's left after that...it's my best shot at being successful. Wanna come along for the ride?


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Hi there!
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I haven't lost as much as I'd like yet, but I'm a little over halfway to my goal. So far, though I still have a lot of work to do, I feel more confident when naked. I don't know if I look much better (as I ams still definitely overweight), but I FEEL better. That's 2/3 the battle.

I don't know why, but the dimples on my upper thighs have actually improved. I didn't think that was possible, but they have. I mean, they're not smooth as silk, but definitely better.

As far as shape, I definitely have more of the right kind of curves now. My waist is more defined and my arms are smaller, my neck is thinner. It's really something I like. I have a straighter body shape, though, so it takes longer to see changes in my waist. My legs are awesome, too - they've always been nice, but I have a bit more muscle definition, which is pretty, I think.

If weight loss is something you really want, just keep going. Even if it doesn't go as fast as you want, it's still happening and so eventually it'll come off.

I feel so much better so far. More confident and comfy in my own skin. I definitely want to lose more, and I know I can. It's a good feeling.

I hope that helps some.
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First of all, don't stop now. Make this the last time you get to the 15 pound mark and stop....keep going!!

Second, I will just tell you how it has worked for me. Over the years I have gone up and down since I started having children. At my highest I was 230 pounds (NOT pregnant) and in between had gotten down to 160 or 170, but never stayed down. THIS time I am committed to getting it off and keeping it off for life. I have a scar from two c-sections and the overlapping belly, too. I have been pleasantly surprised how my body has shaped up as I've lost. I do have loose skin on my arms and around my bottom and on my stomach, but nothing like I had feared. I do think exercising has helped that alot.

Like Angelskeep said, you will feel so much better about yourself, even if you do have some loose skin or cellulite. You will look better because you won't be lugging around that weight anymore (41 pounds for me so far!). We have to be honest....we aren't in our 20s anymore and never will have that kind of body again. So we can just do the best for the body we have now and run with it.

I'm feeling better about being seen w/o clothes by my honey. Sorry if TMI, but we are adults here and that is a really great feeling.

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Changing for good!
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I can't comment as I haven't personally lost enough to tell at this point, and last time I was at my lightest (40 pounds lighter than now) was so long ago I don't think it is any longer relevant! lol

But when I've watched the Biggest Loser in the past, I've often watched and thought about exactly your question. What I noticed was, that when people started losing weight, they seem to deflate or 'pop' like a balloon and shrink from the inside, keeping their outward shape. It seems to take quite awhile (like when they're within 20 pounds of their goal weight) for the outer 'shape' that they particularly have, (ie big thighs, muffin top, big arms etc) to finally shrink away. Maybe because everyone's 'problem area' is where they store the most fat so it takes the longest to get rid of it all?? Not sure.. but I always notice in the after pics that their 'before' shape is completely gone.. but like pp said.. they exercise A LOT so I think that helps!

For every 5 pounds lost:
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Your body type will remain the same. If you're an apple, you'll still be an apple. If you're a pear, you'll still be a pear. You'll just be smaller produce...you'll be a 50 cent apple instead of a $1 apple.

Whether you will be smaller and flabby or smaller and toned all depends on how much you exercise and what type of exercises you do. If you want to look hot naked, you need to focus on building muscle and losing fat.

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I will always be a pear. That said, the muffin tops have gone away and I am seeing hints of my waist for the first time in years. Yes, my shape is changing for the better. My legs and rear are looking much more like legs and a rear should. I'm not just smaller, but less of a blob.

Started this journey Aug 2010

Every step I take makes me more healthy and more happy!
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