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Default Newbie here

Hi everyone. I'm Sharon and I haven't posted very much here yet. I really enjoy this forum and look forward to reading it every day.
I started back on a low carb program on April 6. I wasn't doing a very good job of controlling my blood sugars so I decided I had to turn it around. I also wanted to loose about 100 lbs. I'm between 290 and 297. Depends on which scale you believe. My scale here at home says 290 the one at the doctors office on Monday said 297.6. The low carb program did great getting my bs down into the normal range. I did not loose any weight though. For the life of me I can't understand why. I started doing some reading and found out that it could possibly be some of my meds. So with the help of a pharmacist we figured it was the Actos I was on. I got in touch with my doc and he said definitely for me to go off of the Actos and he increased my Glucovance. So that worked to help with the blood sugars. Fast forward to now I still haven't lost any weight. I changed my low carb plan from Atkins to Sugar Busters. Still no weight loss. I was reading more posts on another forum and got the idea that I could be my thyroid. When I saw my doc on Monday I told him the symptoms I was having and he agreed that it could be the thyroid but also he was more concerned that it could be sleep apnea. I had blood work done and will hear from it soon I hope. I'm just so tired of trying with no results. To quote a line from the song Old Man River...I get weary and sick of trying.
All I really want is to get down to a more healthy weight.
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Welcome ChestersMama! Sorry to hear you have not had any success so far. That must be very frustrating. Are you exercising at all? I love walking. I'm up early every morning to walk with my neighbor and I love starting my day with exercise.

There is a great group of 40's somethings in the weekly chat thread. Come and join us there!

Looking forward to getting to know you better! Hang in there, you CAN do this!
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Hi ChestersMama and welcome! It sounds like you're having a tough time with weight loss. I'm not diabetic, but I have PCOS and the resulting hormonal problems meant that it took a long, long time to find a weight loss method that worked for me. All I can suggest is to keep trying, like you are doing, and eventually you will find what works for you. I had a doctor who specializes in hormones tell me that I would not be able to lose weight without taking Metformin. However, it made me crave sugar like there was no tomorrow - up to a pound of chocolate a day - I didn't gain weight, but I didn't lose, either. I had to find another way and I think it can take awhile to sort everything out. There's lots of support here to keep you going, if that happens. Keep going!
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I am new here too and I just want to encourage you to continue to work with your doctor. This is one of the best sites for encouragement! Please continue to post and don't give up. We all know how hard it can be and are happy to encourage you!
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Default I'm new too!

Any suggestions?

I'm really trying to do this on my own and visit this website daily for motivation! I'm a long fan of Jenny Craig, but can not afford it!

Open minded - would love to hear suggestions!
Thank you,
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I'm kinda new too and loving this 40 something link. I've posted some in the weekly chat and everyone is very friendly and encouraging. I don't have any advice. I recently (last week) started a low carb diet again. It has (in the past and now) worked better than other types b/c I am no good at counting calories, points, etc....Good luck and post often! Oh I like your name....I looked at your profile. It's cute!
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