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Dancer, I donít ďlikeĒ wearing a helmet either. But I hated being asked by drs. In the ER whether I was wearing one. So I wear one rollerblading, biking and skiing. It is uncomfortable with long hair but on the positive, helmet hair is reduced unlike short hair with the helmet. Have a great time creek rollerblade time and the hike. It sounds like fun!

CAT, isnít it irritating when in your head you know the scale reading isnít based on real weight? I donít know about you, but the number will float through my brain for hours afterwards even though I know it wasnít real. I figure itís because of a lifetime of being fat. Iím sure glad that youíre recovering so quickly!

OK Beemer, what the heck is a rabbit show??? My DH has a co-worker that breeds rabbits. Iíd never have guessed there was such a market. Now if Bugs Bunny was going to be at your show, count me in!

Penguin, my key to cooking ďlightĒ is to cook my favorite recipes and trying little changes. My favorite is to cut half the butter or oil one time, then all of it the next. Itís amazing how many regular dishes donít need it. If I canít reduce the cals by much, I reduce it on my plate. I need a new food scale. Mine is old and give a variety of readings.

DH has guard weekend and I'm enjoying a weekend alone. I know he just got back from a month assignment, but I haven't done any of my stuff since he's been back. I think I got too used to the spinster with her doggies life.

My scale is being perpetually stubborn floating between 159 and 160 (I detest that 6 now). I asked DH to take it out back and shoot it this morning. He declined saying I'd just go buy a new one. I couldn't argue with him on that point.

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Howdy, ladies! Back from Boulder where we had a good time and it felt like we were much further away than we really were : ) I wore my helmet skating like a good girl although I wasn't thrilled about it.

Beemer - Rollerblade brand skates have a much easier brake than the ones where you have to tip your toe up to get the brakes to engage, if you're ever interested in trying again. It makes a nice complement to running as it's not so ballistic and works slightly different muscles (supposed to be great for shapely rear view too). Glad to hear that running helped with toning arms - I'm not a big weights girls so I'm psyched that I may have the arm thing covered in advance - now I just need to lose the fat layer : )

CAT - so glad to hear you're on the mend. And no more attacks, ever!! I'm sure the scale will go to a normal place soon once all the disruptions are over and you've had time to heal.

Marie - you're right about helmet hair - not too bad with long hair. Silly question but I'm thinking about getting long side bangs which it looks like you may have based on your avatar. Are bangs hard to deal with with the helmet and when you exercise? I haven't had them in ages and wanted to get some feedback before I take the plunge.

I thought the botox might not be working at all as I couldn't really see a difference yesterday but this afternoon when I frowned as hard as I could, there wasn't a horizontal groove/furrow above the top of my nose, just below my eyebrows so that was cool. My bf said my frown still looks like a frown, but less mad which I thought was funny. Don't see a difference yet with the crowsfeet but that may change. Will keep you posted...

Off to continue ice my knee...
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