45 with 50 lbs to drop

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  • Hi all,

    After a set back or two, I'm back on track. I've lost 4 lbs (although I don't have enough posts yet to set up my weight tracker--I'll do it soon though). I'm bound and determined to get this weight off. And I have new motivation now: my husband suprised me last week with a trip to Paris for our first anniversary this fall. We will not be going until November, but I'm so excited. I'd been nagging him to go for a long time. He's never been and it's one of my favorite places. I was there as a student.

    Anyway, now I've kicked it into high gear. Since hubby's surprise announcement 11 days ago, I have not cheated at all. Not once! And I have exercised every day with Leslie S's Walk Away the Pounds DVDs. I even went out last Saturday and purchased two more. I love the 5 mile fast walk--although I've only gotten through 4 miles of it. I also did one of the newer Jillian Michael's DVDs two days ago. It is killer. I had to stop several times during it, and I'm still sore today!

    I'm determined not to go to Paris feeling tired and fat. Besides, as I recall, I did so much walking before when I was there. My feet ache right now as it is, I can't ruin our trip by complaining about my feet!

    Now I remember what I wanted to ask you guys . . . Are any of you familiar with the exercise DVDs called Squeeze by Tracy Effinger? I've been reading about them and they sound similar to the old Callanetics videos from the 80s. I've done Callanetics and it really does work if you stick with it. Just curious about Squeeze though.

    Thanks again for the warm welcome here. Everyone is so friendly.

    Take care.
  • Welcome, welcome, welcome!! Good to see another new face here! You have come to the best place for support while totally changing your life. Good luck on your journey!
  • I have a similar story too Ginger...different sizes in my closet, yo-yoing, gaining after getting remarried. Today I said enough is enough and committed to healthy weight loss. What wonderful motivation you have...a trip to PARIS!! Good luck and stick with it!
  • Welcome DietingDiva! This is a great place so I hope you'll post regularly!

  • Hiya, Gingerlu! Yes, I used to do Callanetics, and I dearly loved it. Especially the way it got my butt up off the back of my legs. For the time spent, I don't think there was much better for results. I don't know anything about Squeeze. I'm doing more with Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning and Combat Flexibility at the moment - I like them because neither requires any equipment (like Callanetics.).