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Default How much fat can you lose per week?

I have read that it is only safe to lose 2pounds per week because more than that you are probably losing lean muscle which you want to maximize to burn more calories.

But the people on the Biggest Loser lost a lot of weight every week.

I am thinking of doubling my cardio while I have the time and motivation to try to accelerate fat loss. I have been running 3 miles per day 5X a week and thinking about doing that 2x per day.

Anyone have any thoughts?
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I think ampin' it up is excellent! I'm a huge BL fan, but be careful... you won't be doing anything but harm if you don't give your body a GOOD LONG REST on some days- just like on the biggest loser.

I am not losing weight for I have no intention of going out and finding it again.
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cheekie, a few caveats.
1) you're about 100 pounds smaller than they are.
2) a "week" on BL is closer to 10 days of real time
3) they are being supervised by medical personnel every step of the way
4) NOBODY can maintain 5 hour workouts a day in real life.

I think if you read the stories of 3FC's "biggest losers" and especially the long-term successes like rockinrobin, Glory87, nightengaleshane ... you'll see a pattern of people who made a firm decision to make a lifetime change, and lost the weight gradually and without the gimmicks. Life ain't a TV show - and even though I'm a huge fan of BL, I think it really caters to the mindset of instant gratification.

More and more studies are pointing toward resistance training and INTERVAL training for better fat loss - if that is where you're headed, look into making a couple of your workouts sprints as opposed to just adding more cardio. Not only do they get done faster (leaving you more time to enjoy your new health), but they are more effective for maintaining the muscle mass and boosting metabolism longer. Reference - look at Dr. Al Sears' PACE program.

Good luck!
~ Becky ~
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Default thanks

Thanks for your perspectives.

I wasn't talking about 5 hour work outs. I was just talking about going from about 35 minutes of running to about an hour and fifteen minutes. I also do some weight training. And I do add a few sprints into my running- but my heart rate is pretty high consistently the whole time.

I do want more immediate gratification than 2 pounds per week :-)

Once you have become fully aware of what you have allowed happen to your body....you want to get rid of the fat quickly. I just thought doubling the cardio may help me lose 3-4 pounds per week.
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I don't want to discourage you, but I did want to mention -- many people think that a 2lb loss per week is an excellent loss, not something to be disappointed by. Just don't set yourself up with really high expectations that will make you disappointed if you don't meet them... Losing the weight isn't a race or a competition. Taking measures to lose the fat quickly doesn't necessarily set you up to keep the fat off long term...
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Great feedback ladies--thanks!
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Just a fat guy losing it!
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They say 2lbs is the max normally, but I've heard many times that obese folks can safely lose it quicker when they're at their heaviest. So someone weighing 350lbs could safely lose more like 3 or 4 lbs weekly for the first while - or so I have heard, at least.
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I totally understand the urge to lose more...and more quickly.

Lots of folks run for an hour a day--if you have the time, certainly, go for it.

But losing 2 lbs a week really is plenty. Think of it this way, if you like: Your head needs time to "catch up" to your body--and the more slowly it comes off, the better the chance it stays off, forever, I figure.
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Hi everyone, I'm new here but just wanted to chime in. It's true that when you have alot to lose you can lose it faster than when you only have 10-15lbs. It's very frustrating though. UGHH!
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I wouldn't recommend running every day - it can be hard on your body. Try to stick to 3x/week and add in other types of cardio on the remaining days: take a class at the gym (spinning, aerobics, etc.), swim...there's lots of possibilities besides just running!
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I can guess that the amount one loses per week will change as they get leaner. For example, everytime I lose weight, I lose more the first week, and it gets tougher and tougher the closer I get to my goal.
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I know that it gets harder to lose the closer you are to your goal....that is why I thought I could accelerate fat loss when I am at my heavier weight- which is now. But if you lose too much weight too fast you are actually losing lean muscle mass and not fat. So I'm just looking for the right balance....and I'm impatient....and I'm very uncomfortable with where I am at right now.

I'm also alternating days of running with the elliptical to avoid injury.

The good news is I ran 4.5 miles yesterday which I haven't been able to do in a pretty long time. So progress is coming slowly but surely.
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