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Default Try not. Do or do not. There is no try. --Yoda

I think I've been going about the idea of losing weight by 'trying'. That is, when I think about it, and am feeling good, I am in control. WHen I'm really pissy or stressed, I abandon the idea. Therefore, if there is no 'try" I suppose I am subconsciously deciding to *do not* . I think I get that.

I would like to know how it is to not try (do not) , but only *do*. Anybody relate?

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I love that quote by the great philospher , Yoda
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Ah, Yoda, love him, I do, yes.

It really is a matter of "just do it" (from another modern day philosopher ) Sometimes ya just gotta white knuckle it. Some days are easy and some days are harder, but ultimately our bodies will follow the directions we give them with our food and exercise choices.

No charms, no magic, just controlled behaviors.
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I'm not a "40 something" so I hope it's okay for me to post this in here.

Working out and making healthy eating choices are like brushing my teeth, I don't debate with myself over me doing it, I just do it. It's part of my daily routine, no questions asked, no excuses made, I make time and do it. I wouldn’t go a day without brushing my teeth, so why shouldn’t I give my body the attention I give my teeth?
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I think I was still hanging on to "try" when I started. But there is no "try" anymore. I may not always know all the answers, and experiment a bit, or not always make the best choice, but I am doing it, whatever it takes. It is a fundamental shift in your outlook, and it really helps.
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Eat the cake you must? Gain the weight you will!
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Ha! Good one, Sue.
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Just leaving you a .....

Keep on keeping on, Ms. Hermit Girl....
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