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lovnmom 04-01-2008 07:21 AM

The All New 40's Chat
We had a terrific run on the 40's chat thread, but it's time to reintroduce ourselves : I'm the mother of 4 beautiful children. Two daughters 14 and 11 and two sons 12 and 8. They and their activities really keep me busy, but it's a great kind of busy. So, I'll talk about singing and plays, soccer, baseball. basketball, dance, art shows, etc....cuz I think everything they do is cool.
I work just a few hours a week helping my husband in the family business. So, if I write about making delivieries that means I'm travelling to a farm to deliver bagged feed. My hubby custom mixes and bags according to a heards specific needs and away we go.
I'm the Cub Master for my son's Pack. I've been doing that for 5 years. I started when my oldest was a Tiger Cub. I'll write about that too.
I lead my churches Youth Group. Yep, I'll let you know what's going on there too. I also sing in my church's choir. I'm an ok filler voice, but my daughters can really sing and if mom's going they don't mind and the choir really needs young beautiful voices.
I'd also been a yo-yo dieter for 28 years. I went on my first diet at 12 y/o. I dropped over 50# in less than 3 months and the cycle had begun. Starve...look hot for about 2 months and then binge my way back up during sweatshirt season only to start again come April so yep, I could look hot again.... for 2 months....(which I never believed anyway, go figure)
Anyway, On my 40th b-day, August 2004, I said, "enough is enough." I quit dieting, I quit exercising, I just plain quit making looks a part of me. I did a lot of reading and a lot of journalling to help myself through some painful childhood experiences. By May of 2006 my head was in pretty good shape, but my body was falling apart. I was not quite 42 and my back hurt so bad every morning I couldn't unload the dryer and pick up the laundry basket. My youngest child had learned to ride a bike and we could all finally go have fun together except I physically slowed everyone down. I'll be honest, I was very fearful of starting any kind of diet. I was finally liking me, what if I started mixing up my body image with who I am again????
So, since May 2006 I've been making small changes and keeping focused on fit and healthy not the size of my pants. I started by just walking 1-2 miles every day, 2 quarts of water every day, a fruit and some veggies every day. Those were my only rules and still pretty much are. Except I walk a lot more now and have added yoga, which I love. In the nearly 2 years I've gradually lost 34#, continued to really like me and my children are learning moderation and good health habits.
I also really like to chat at 3FC, because I've met some really awesome women and men here who help me do all the things I want to.
I know this was long. It's one of those kinds of days, but I'm hoping you'll join me and let me know all about you. Maybe we can help each other make the life we're living the best one possible.
Have a terrific Tuesday!

Clydegirl 04-01-2008 08:29 AM

Good morning girls.

Lovn told me to do a short bio :) Here we go.

I'm 48, originally from Scotland. Married 22 years and have 3 girls age 20, 16 and 11. My youngest has special needs and had gone through a lot in her 11 years. I have been fighting the battle of the bulge since about age 12. I lose and gain have never got to goal. My husband retired from the air force last year after 26 years. We live 30 minutes from St.Louis hence the reason I'm a huge Cardinals fan. I just got into baseball 3 years ago but I love it. I trained as an RN but have not worked since my oldest was born. I volunteer on base 2 days a week.

Short but sweet. Keep it going.

Diane that game yesterday I was wishing they had got to the 5th inning.

lovnmom 04-01-2008 08:43 AM

Now, I didn't mean short. I want to know it all and I can't see you from my back porch. Ha Ha lol

avi0903 04-01-2008 10:26 AM

I just so admire you all! I look at all your tickers and bios and see how much you've lost and it's absolutely inspiring and lifesaving to me.
I'm a 47 year old single mom (separated for a year. no divorce yet) of 5. The last few years of my marriage were very painful. My husband basically was cheating and lying and stealing, and I was choosing to look the other way under the assumption that it's best to keep the family together. Eventually, I couldn't take the hurt anymore and decided (with the help of family and friends and clergy) that my husband was spiraling downward and I had no obligation to go down with him. I could choose to save myself and children, and that's what I have done.
It's funny how since the separation I feel like my marriage belonged to a different lifetime. Now I am here, free! And a new beginning. I finally have made the decision to get healthy. I feel closer to my children. I take risks I never did before.
And I ramble. Well, that's me in a nutshell.

4mykids3 04-01-2008 10:31 AM

I am glad you started a new thread since I joined so late in the game last time. I am 41 years old and the mother of 3 - daughters age 16 and 14 and a son age 12. I am a Realtor but doing that very part-time now. I am too busy running the kids and trying to stay up on the laundry and cleaning. I have been struggling with weight since my son was born. I joined ww a couple of months ago to get back on track. I also found this site around then and find it helpful that so many of us are in the same crazy routine at this point in our lives. My husband is great and very supportive - although he very tall and thin and can eat anything which is hard!

I am really wanting warmer weather and more sunshine - I love the first couple of snowfalls but over 100 inches was excessive this year!!!:dizzy:

I am looking forward to being part of this from the beginning.

4mykids3 04-01-2008 10:36 AM

Wow Avi -it is good that you made that decision. My sister had to make a similar decision about two years ago and she has 4 children and she is doing very well and I am so proud of her.

I am also inspired by how much weight shows on the tickers - it gives me hope and I am going to plug along - I figure it took me 10 years to put it on so it will not go away overnight.

I have problems fitting the excercise in on a daily basis - any suggestions from anyone?

lovnmom 04-01-2008 11:12 AM

Avi, First, I'm sorry for your loss. The decision you made had to be difficult. I'm glad it is working out for you and your children. Congratulations on making the decision to get healthy. It really sounds like you've left the old behind and are moving forward. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

4mykids, My hubby too is tall and slender. Always has been, but I still have more hair than him lol We're coming up on that time of year when getting outside is finally at a comfortable stage. With all the rain we got yesterday my sump pump is running on and off. I just am thankful we have it! The exercise trick that works for me is mapping it out a month in advance. I know it sounds daunting, but it's worth the effort IMO. This being April 1st I sat down this morning with all our monthly calendars, scouts, church, school, sports, etc.....I go to calendarsthatwork.com and make one calendar with EVERYBODIES activities on it and print it out (it's free). I then make another calendar for my exercise. I can easily see in advance which days are going to be overloaded so those are my rest days and I plan from there. Too, like this summer when baseball practice is scheduled I committ to riding my bike with the kids to practice. It's 6 miles round trip and we have a safe trail to take. Presto, I've exercised, spent time with the kids, and probably visited with other moms. The 30 min or 1 hour workouts I plan are my committment to ME. Of course life happens and I don't always keep all my committments to myself, but most often I do, because on that other calendar I can so easily see how much I'm giving to others. We all deserve to give to ourselves as well. I hope that wasn't overwinded for you.

kappy 04-01-2008 12:27 PM

Lovin, thanks for the new thread! Sorry I was MIA there for a bit. Things got a bit out of hand.

Me -- 47, single. Long story short but I'm the backup support for my niece (now 19 at UCLA) and my nephew (soon to be 17). Good golly they can be a full time job! I made the commitment to be there for them as they were growing up, which sort of put dating and relationships in the deep freeze. Ought to be interesting when the youngest leaves for college! Me time! Primary support and care for my folks, Dad is 71, a non compliant cardiac diabetic. Mom is 70, arthritis, back problems, feet, knee and hip problems, a permanent tracheotomy. Mom and I quilt. (Just got a TV for my sewing area - happy, happy days!) Most of the time I leave the house around 6, 6:30 AM for work, go to the gym and the folks house after work, get home between 8-9 PM. You'd think if I'm only really home on the weekends my place would be neat as a pin, GUESS AGAIN! Anyway, always been overweight. First diet at 7. No kidding. I am of short stature with huge bones (I had an x-ray with me at the office once. A co-worker held her arm up over the x-ray. Her arm and sleeve fit within the outline of my two lower arm bones. I'm a Clydesdale!) I have degenerative discs in my lumbar region. Turns out that's not unusal for people in their 40's. Just found out yesterday I may have a slightly borderline thyroid problem. Not enough for a diagnosis, but enough to cause problems. Ya THINK!? Oh, super sun sensitive and I'm to put on shorts and a tank top and sit in the sun without sunscreen for 10 minutes every day at noon. Seem's we're supposed to test out between 50-100 for vitamin D, I'm at 13. The sun is the fastest way to increase vitamin D. Going to have to think about that one. I'm not just pale, I'm neon, ghostly, glow in the dark white. I'll scare the office half to death the first time I try that! Pretty sure I've left stuff out. Have to think about it. It will come out later, I'm sure!

It's a beautiful day today, hope everybody has a great one!

Slashnl 04-01-2008 12:41 PM

Ok, my turn. I am a married (for 21 years) 44 year old mother of two - a girl, 13, and a boy, 11. They are extremely active in sports, so I spend a lot of time at their events: baseball now but also volleyball, basketball, and football. My husband is a self-employed contractor who keeps insanely busy, and I work a full time job outside of the home, in insurance. Life is a bit full right now, but I have fun. My house is not as clean as it should be, but I'm at the games and helping my kids, so I feel it is justified! We live in the country on some acreage, so we have animals. Horses, cows, geese, chickens, ducks, turkeys, dogs, cats, fish, birds, and a lizard. We love hunting, fishing, camping, and riding the horses, so nice weather is our favorite! I really love yardwork, but I don't do it as well as I used to because the kids' sports have taken over our lives. :) I used to read a lot...

I absolutely love sports... well, most sports. My favorite is probably football, but close behind is baseball. I've come to love volleyball because of my daughter and basketball is fun to watch, too, although I'm not very good at it. You will hear me talk about taking the kids out to the park to work on whatever sport they are in at the time. Oh, and I love Nascar and rodeos, too.

I put on my weight in college and when I had my kids. I have always continued to be active, but I felt that I needed to make some changes if I am going to continue to be healthy. I did very well at first, but then winter hit and little sicknesses here and there, so I'm behind on what I wanted to do. But, I'll bounce back. I hope to see some weight losses very soon. I have been lucky to be as healthy as I have been, and I want that to continue. Getting rid of the weight will definitely help with that. I do have ticker envy sometimes, looking at those with much less weight to lose, but I realize that everyone struggles with this, whether you have a lot to lose or just a little. We're all in this together and I love the support on this 40-something thread.

Clyde: I haven't heard if they rescheduled the game or not. I think it was a little rude for the Cardinals to start playing before the Rockies even showed up. At least I think that is what happened in that first inning!!! I just hate slow starts!!

Ok, that's probably enough for now. I'm glad to be hearing more about everyone!

Slashnl 04-01-2008 12:44 PM

Just read Kappy's post. That is one thing I really want to do someday when I get some "me" time. Quilting!

kappy 04-01-2008 12:51 PM

I remembered! I have a 17 year old Siamese cat. Well, the proper phraseology would be she has me. I don't think humans can "own" a Siamese. She's gone from being totally stand-offish to wanting a lap available 24-7. With a nice, warm quilt to pad over the dips and bumps. Kinda hard to get much done (other than reading) when you have "assumed the position" and she has taken up her preferred spot. If you don't "assume the position" she starts stomping in circles. She has some kind of brain issue, she really does walk in circles until you want to scream. Trust me, cats can be quiet as stealth or stomp like freakin' elephants. When you are not where you belong, she stomps. And talks. Man oh man, do Siamese talk. Nag is more like it. And it turns out, I'm allergic to cats. So I promised, when she goes, that's it. Don't know what I'll do then. Probably have to get a dog, can't imagine being totally alone all the time!

lovnmom 04-01-2008 01:11 PM

OMGsh, I'm so glad we started a new thread. I thought I knew you all pretty well, but I've learned so much more already.

Kappy, Good luck getting the vitamin D up. Let your freak shine or whatever it takes ;)

Diane, who cares about clean houses. Go sports!!

Shy Moment 04-01-2008 01:21 PM

Winkie is a mix. Part Persian and part Manx. The little man sounds like an elephant walking around the house. I totally understand. I am allergic to cats too. I will have a cat my entire life if I have anything to say about it. Don't know what I would do without one around the house. I just have to keep him out of my face and off my bed and I can breath enough to survive lol.

Indians had their opener at home last night. Was a great game.

rainbowsmiles 04-01-2008 01:22 PM

helloooooooooo everyone and happy april fools day...spring is in the air!

i love spring when everything is beginning to bloom again and showing signs of new growth...:flow1:
i love the seasons...and i love how life imitates the seasons...even each day...as we awake from the winters sleep...to jump start the day into spring...and then have our mid day flow into the summer of the day...only to slowly transition into autumn and then into the lull of the night before we settle into winters sleep again.

perhaps our weight loss is like that...perhaps some of us are in our spring...newly beginning either the first time, or beginning again...either way, its a new start....:congrat:
a fresh spring...time to focus on what can give us life..
perhaps some of us are into our summer of losing weight...and we had a splendid spring :flow1:and now, are enjoying the warmth of success that got us to this point...soaking up the rays of sun...:flow2:
some of us are in the autumn of our weigh loss journey...:flame:having lost all or most of the weight we need and are gathering all the information we can, and relying on all the advice from friends, and encouragement, and successes that we have in order to parlay us into the winter of maintenance.:coolsnow:
no matter where YOU are in your season of losing weight, know this...that everyone here cares for YOU and longs to give you the lift you need at any given moment...know that you can lean on us! :hug:No matter your season…reach out and find friendship among all these posts.:comp::grouphug:
Cheeriooooo to all of you:dust:
Thank you for all your love and support and encouragement.

Shy Moment 04-01-2008 01:28 PM

Wondered where you had been. Nice to see you back.

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