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  • Lots of people showing up for the new thread.

    Diane I used to read a lot as well The game is on tonight.

    Rainbow good to see you again.

    Avi welcome aboard.
  • thanks clyde..been super busy...but always lurking when i have the chance and happy to see how everyone is doing!
  • Rainbow you're doing really well on your weight loss
  • Rainbow, Loved your metaphor. Really nice to hear from you and see how awesome you are doing!! Smiles to you girl.

    Clyde, Game vs TBL....which one wins your view?
  • Rainbow! Good golly, girl, welcome back! I know, sometimes it is easier to read and lurk than it is to stop long enough to post.

    When I grow up I want to be more like Rainbow. Positive and cheery. Hey, I have a GOAL!
  • Quote: Rainbow, Loved your metaphor. Really nice to hear from you and see how awesome you are doing!! Smiles to you girl.

    Clyde, Game vs TBL....which one wins your view?

    I will be watching 3 things at one time I can multitask. American Idol tonight as well. Biggest Loser I will watch later on TIVO. I think one of the brothers will be going home tonight, don't know which one though.
  • Kappy how does your mum manage with her tracheostomy? My youngest had a trach for 6 years.
  • Clyde, Ahhh the world of the advanced
  • I'm Chris and I'm 48! I've never really had what I consider a problem with my weight until the last few years. Up until I was 30 I weighed 120 lbs or less, in my early 40's I weighed about 130 lbs or so and then perimenopause hit and there I was at 148 lbs. What a drag.

    I am married for almost 23 years now, no kids, no pets. Just hubby and me, fancy free. We are extremely active with inline skating, cycling, walking (him), kickboxing (me) and travel a fair bit skating and cycling. In fact we've so far got 5 events planned between now and October to attend with 4 of them out of province & country.

    We enjoy travelling and have visited many places including islands in the Caribbean-Barbados, Anguilla, St. Marten, St. Eustatius, Saba, Turks & Caicos 5 times, Carriacou, Grenada, Bequia and Dominican Republic. For our inline skating events/races we have been to LA & Long Beach-California, St. Pete's & South Beach-Florida, Duluth-Minnesota (6 times), Montreal-Quebec (5 times). We also enjoy going to the theatre although we normally just choose comedies and really try to support local small theatres. We usually go on weekend getaways where we attend a play and go for a light dinner after -- if it's out of town we normally stay over at a small hotel. Keeps life & marriage fun.

    I love books, music and cooking. I'd love to write a cookbook -- perhaps someday.

    We work together and own a business in the accounting sector and this time of the year is pure he!! for us. But, we always survive.

    That's about it --- sorry it's such a long winded introduction.

  • Daughter has decided I am going to take tennis lessons with her this summer. I have decided to trade daughter in on another model lol.
  • Chris, it was nice learning more about you. Just me and the hubby fancy free sounds like a life time ago and away. I'll be 55 when my youngest graduates high school. That's why I have to keep fit and active. I want some romping the world time with the ole man!!

    Clyde, How is your youngest now? Do you you care to share any of that? What did you think of all the crying last night? They probably made the right choice, game wise, by sending Mark home, but personality wise I'd have kept Jay around. The way Mark and Aly acted for most of last night's segment if I was his wife I'd be kicking his arse around for a while!! It was cool to see Jay and his wife working out together though. I could never get my hubby to do that.

    Rennie, I think you gotta keep the ones ya get.
  • lovn
    Isn't that the truth lol. I was a little happy hehehe. She decided yesterday she was going to do a 4 mile video with old mom and show me how easy it is lol. There she was through mile one and two just going at it, showing old mom she could squat down lower than I could while doing side to sides and kick backs. Mile three came along and the poor young thing was getting tired and quit a few min before mile 3 was done. Old mom went on to complete mile 4 lol.
  • kappy you always crack me up.
    please say a prayer for me especially this week
  • Rennie, I keep telling my kids, "the difference between a good athlete and a great athlete is conditioning." You have to be able to make it for the long haul. Great job!

    Rainbow, I'll ask God to give you peace and strength in all you do. That should cover most anything you're going through. Take care.

    It's beautiful here today. I've gotten the bathroom cleaned, one load of laundry on the line and another swooshing, made the hubby a big brkfst well, and me too Now it's off to work for a couple hours anyway. Planning to walk with M about 1pm. Should be a great day. Choir practice at 7:30pm. A good busy? Well yes, it's mostly all for me. Wha ha ha ha!
    Hoping your day is awesome too!
  • Good to see so much posting going on! Woo hoo!

    About TBL: I could not believe the ridiculous amount of crying with the guys last night. How stupid. I thought it was funny that Mark's wife told him to toughen up. I don't know how excited I would be if my husband were acting like he was last night with Aly. I was really glad to see one of the brothers go, though. I don't know who I am rooting for at this point, but I didn't want both of them to go to the very end. I think it is amazing how much better everyone looks now, though. Truly an inspiration.

    Clyde: I know I enjoyed the baseball game last night... I'm assuming that you would have rather had them play in the rain and finish on Monday! I guess there are 2 more games with the Cards. I'll be watching!

    Rainbow: Hope everything is ok with you. I'll send a few prayers from my direction to you, too.

    Better get going. Hope everyone has a great day!