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Default I've decided to 'write before I bite.' Any helpful hints?

Two weeks ago, I began trying to eat 10 of the 14 SuperFoods each day (great weight loss story in a mag-really inspired me). Since then, I eat much better-but I'm still eating too much. I don't really want to track every calorie I eat, but I think if I write down what I'm eating I will be more aware and all that jazz. Does anyone have a great tool they've found for 'food journaling?'
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One pound at a time.
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Lots of people on here use You enter what you eat and it keeps track of your calories, fat, carbs, protein.

You should check it out.
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I think tracking what you eat in a journal is good. It will likely make you more aware of what you're eating. However, you probably do need to get a baseline to know if you're eating too much, or too little. It's quite possible to eat lots of healthy things, but just too many of them.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
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I've had to track my food for different reasons on-and-off. I've found it most difficult when using a computer-based system; for some reason, working with paper that I could carry around with me works best. This time, I'm going to try it with index cards, as it's the most portable thing I can think of. I have my basic daily limits on one card, and clip other daily cards to it. I write out in pencil what my plan is (planning ahead is a key factor for me) and then write over in pen once I've actually eaten, etc. I also note anything that worked or did not work.
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I like both those ideas! I just went on fitday and I have to say I didn't realize how many calories I was eating! Scary. And I also like the idea of carrying around index cards, crossing food off as I eat them. Both are great ideas, thank you.
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Default I have a hard time keeping track too

I am not good at keeping track of what I eat. I realize it's a good idea because it's what keeps me accountable. I love chocolate. The last time I tried to lose weight I bought a bag of hershey kisses. I put one kiss on the mantle every day. Next to it was a note that said "did you earn this?". If I went the whole day without snacking on something that wasn't bad for me like chips or candy I'd get to eat the kiss on the mantle. I was pretty good about sticking to my "kiss diet". By the time the bag was empty (and if I remember right there were about 40 kisses in the bag), I lost 18 pounds. That was how I kept track of what I ate all day. I just bought the Slim in 6 plan on the internet. We'll see how that goes. I'm trying to tone up while I'm losing weight.
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Watergirl - I like your "kiss system". For my boss, hospitality is a big thing and chocolates are a big part of that. She invariably has 3-4 kinds in her office and the meeting room (and often cookies too!), so it's impossible to stay away from them. I'm going to try your system and just have one at the end of the day and only if I've deserved it. That will make me think about it instead of automatically reaching. Bonus that I am also then not keeping any in the house!
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I do my journal by pen and paper. I plan my food before I eat and cross it off as I eat my meals. I like to do it this way as I don't have to be on the computer to log my food. Planning ahead is essential.
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I use the daily plate dot com (web addresses not allowed, but you get the idea) I really like it, but the kiey is finding what works for you!!
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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I used an excel spreadsheet for a long time - it worked just fine. I now use Fitday - I like being able to create reports and see my ratios of percentage of calories from fat/protein/carbs.

Like Kate said - find what works for you.

I think logging and planning ahead have been key for me. When I stop logging is when the weight starts to creep up...

I calorie king dot com and thedailyplate dot com for looking things up that aren't in Fitday. Also really good for checking out what might be a good choice if you are going to a chain restaurant.
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I don't count calories, But i do count point's. I have for over 4 or 5 yr's kept a food journal,(many journal's) i'm lost without it. plus it really keep's me on track of what i'm eating & how much i eat. I used to use fitday but for myself i find writting it down easier. And it's staring me in the face, as it sit's next to my chair.
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I guess I'm old... LOL... I need to look at a piece of paper so I used excel to set up a very detailed daily worksheet.. I don't enter the info into the 'spreadsheet' just set it up there... I print one for each day... Vertically I list the foods, across the top, amts, calories, fat, whatever you want to count... I have a separate section for exercise, section for water consumption, vitamins, section to write emotions, you can design exactly for what you want to track... i fold it up and keep it in my purse all day... then I keep them in a book... YUP I'm a little obsessed, but I really need to 'see' what I was eating and doing... after awhile I could enter 'frequent foods' like on fitday Its all that info on one sheet that I don't have to 'look up' on the computer.... might work for you...
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Ok ladies-

I'm brand new to 3fcs and this thread is all about what i'm dealing with currently. I own a book called the Eating Well Diet book and it's pretty much the whole diet from deciding if you're really ready to determining what a healthy BMI and weight would be to 28 days worth of meals, recipes, etc. Just about the only thing missing is the supportive community so Voila' here i am. They even include a worksheet that you can make copies of for tracking your eating. I've been writing things down in a little notebook and have yet to decide if i'll use one of the online tools mentioned in this thread or just stick strictly with paper. Very good ideas here. My challenge is the detailed nature of measuring and recording the portions and the planning ahead. It just goes against my nature. But i know that as a new behavior it will take time to become 2nd nature. So far in my on and off recording i've just learned so much about how quickly the little kiss here and the few chips there can add up. The good news is that the limits provided by measuring out a portion of this or that don't feel like i'm being deprived. There is a book i saw reviewed on this website-a cookbook- where the cook is all about a little of the real thing rather than a lot of lowfat substitutes. I've placed a hold on it at the library and am looking forward to getting my hands on it. More good news is that watching and limiting and being conscious of what i eat fits so perfectly with another area of my life where i'm striving to make small changes-getting more green. Surprise surprise bigger is not automatically better-portions, cars, purchases, etc. But i'll stop before i jump on my soapbox.

I'm just so glad to have found this space and the people in it. Community is such an important piece of living life well.
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