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  • Glad everyone had a nice weekend. Slash, glad you are feeling better. Yup, doc said I must have pulled funny during resistance training. That was why I had the pain. Am better now and everything is back to normal. My numbers on fit day are right where they should be for the month, two weeks and week so I am a happy camper. Taking the day off and did a ton more shopping. tomorrow we will continue to do spring cleaning and get the upstairs done. That will only leave blindes, windows and window sills for when it gets warmer. Well, of course yard work. Give me the first week of warm weather and I will have the house and the yard done .
  • Sounds like you've been busy, Rennie! I need to do a lot of that stuff too. Being sick has put me way behind on the things I wanted to have done by now. Oh well!

    Glad to see you back, Kappy! It takes awhile to get caught back up, doesn't it!??

    So, where is everyone else? It's a little quiet here now!
  • Hey, Rennie, I'm having an installation done on Friday, can you pop over and help me get my place into order in time?! Good golly girl, you are a machine!

    Diane don't you dare push it to catch up with your to do list. Hate to tell you, too much work too soon and you'll be right back at the beginning again. The idea is to take it easy now so when spring has sprung in Colorado you'll be in great shape and ready to kick butt.

    I haven't noticed Rainbowsmiles or JaneZoe lately, what's up with them? My apologies to all the newbies that I haven't gotten names down for yet. I saw introductions and am waiting to get to know more about them!

    Before I left on vacation I mentioned the Central Valley here in CA was awash in blossoms already. While I was gone on my vacation that moved west, my area is dropping blossoms like snow along the roadways and sidewalks. The trees outside my unit haven't leafed out yet, but they have buds so it's coming. Slowly but surely the snow will cease, the waters will recede, and pretty sure the gripes about the heat and humidity will be rampant! A long time coming, and I know some of us are way more ready for spring to be here than others. Get the picnic basket and the short sleeves ready ladies, it's coming!
  • Hi guys.

    Not much going on at the moment. My girls went back to school today. I've been a bit of a piggie the past couple of days. Why do I do that?! No idea what the scales will show this week.

    Biggest Loser tonight. Are we down to 6 people now? Wonder who will be below the yellow line.

    I haven't done any spring cleaning yet. My house needs a good cleaning.
  • Slash
    I have always been this way. I was this way when I worked 10 hours a day. I was this way even when I had double phenomena for years lol. I don't sit down very long. I bet the longest time I sit still a day is when I am posting on this site lol. The doc finally started giving me drugs to knock me out because the hubby told him I wouldn't stay in bed lol.

    One time when I was sick my husband decided he was going to hire someone to come in and clean the house a couple of times a week for me. I was suppose to stay in bed and relax. He got over that idea when he found me up at 3 am cleaning the day before the lady was to show up. DO YOU REALLY THINK I could let someone come into my house without it being clean lol. I had to at least run the sweeper, dust and scrub the kitchen floor since it hadn't been done in 3 days. My gosh what would she think if my house wasn't clean lol.
  • Just got done watching Biggest Loser. Those boys annoyed me tonight especially at the challenge.

    Glad to see the girls were above the yellow line.
  • Thanks for the Loser's scoop! Its still on here (in CA) and I need to go to bed as I plan to get up to exercise. I too am not appreciating the boys behavior. I wonder when they will turn on each other in order to win the game...
  • Diane, I am so glad you're feeling better. How did DS tryouts go?

    Clyde, I was a total piggie all of Holy Week. I had so much to do I just let all exercise and most healthy eating slide. My children also went back to school yesterday so, I did a 5 mile walk in the a.m. alone and then a 4 with my friend and ate clean all day. Back on track rather than down the slippery slope is what it's all about. You can do it too. I felt Dan was the right choice to go. He can pull big numbers yet, but I must admit I will miss his antics!!! I don't know how that Ally's doing it. I know Jillian pushed her like a drill seargent, but still 6# in a week when she already looks so thin. So, when does pom practice start again?

    Kappy, Glad you had a great vacation. Water weight gain doesn't last long. Pee pee pee. Hee hee hee!

    Welcome Chunky, I hope you find the support and help you need here.

    My Easter was terrific except that my DD was very sick all 4 days and hardly left her bed. I felt bad for her. Her tonsils were huge and pussy, but yet no fever to combat the virus!!! My youth group served around 120 people for pancake breakfast Easter morning. We only asked a free will offering and they made a profit of $350. That's someone's plane ticket to New Orleans next summer!!! All the families involved came in and did their assigned jobs and everything went really smooth. It was a nice time for everyone...I had 28 for dinner at my home and all went well here too. We had 200 plastic eggs filled with candy all over the yard, in the snow no less. The kids had a blast. I had a tiff with my mom, but we don't get along very well. She arrived 40 min early. Not to help, but to nit pick. Of course I apologized and she went home feeling like God on top again, but what are you going to do??
    I hope today finds you all well.
  • While I was sad to see Dan go because I think he is so funny, I was so glad to see the girls get the top two spots. What is up with those guys? I'm sure that they have enjoyed their little bonding time, but I can't understand why they can't see that the brothers are going to stay bound together. They needed to break that bond. But, they're going to continue to play the game as a band of brothers, I guess. I do think that you can't feel too bad for anyone at this point. They may not win the top prize, but they have all done so well that no one goes home without benefit from playing. Aly just freaks me out with how she continues to lose so much. Good for her.

    Well, we know what team my son is on now. This isn't the same coach as last year, but we've had this coach before and he has a lot of friends on the team, too. I don't know how, but I said yes to being team mom. I have to work on forming the word "no". Oh well. We'll see how the year goes! It all could change next year if he goes on a competitive team. Yikes.

    Lovn: Sorry you had mother issues. I am so incredibly lucky to have a really great mom. I didn't do so well in the mother-in-law category, but at least my mom is the best. We are extremely close. I know it was hard, but I think that taking the higher ground is usually the best way to go. Good for you!

    Clyde: The big showdown is coming! Almost opening day!

    Kappy: I love seeing the blossoms. We aren't there yet. They're just barely trying to bud right now. It is slow coming this year.

    Rennie: You sound like my sister. She's crazy about cleaning her house (IMO). I am not so much into it, but try to keep it a little better than it is right now. I'm really going to try to get completely over this sickness stuff, so I'm not going to push too much this weekend, but I need to get a little done.

    ChunkyL: How's it going? Did you get your exercise in?

    SillyCat: How are you?
  • woohoo 143.2 down from 165
    I'm absolutely thrilled that the weight is starting to fall off - motivated to do lots of exercise and eat well!!!

    How is everyone?

    Hope you all are doing well!!

  • Rainbowsmiles where are you ?
    Hope you are doing well - haven't seen you or Janezoe lately.

    Thinking of you both - C.
  • Hello everyone! I'm new and looking forward to chatting with you. Depression is a huge struggle with weight. I've gained weight over
    night and I just don't no where to turn. My life is consumed with
    children & business and sometimes I want to work out but - no not
    really!! My children our 2,12 & 18 - wow - what a gap. Any insight
    would help me greatly? Thanks
  • Slash
    Glad your son did well. Team mom huh, oh I do remember those days. Sure glad they are over lol. I am just not feeling the thing today. Seems my get up and go has gone to someone else's house. I have a list of things for the day and so far all I have done is get out of bed lol. My sinuses are killing me and the smell of food just isn't a good thing. I will be up until 3 again by the time I get my bum into gear and get things done lol.

    I am sorry about the nit picking. We went through the same thing. The older, well founded woman in the church wanting to tell everyone how they shouldn't do things the way they were doing them but sure not helping anyone. About drove me nuts. Glad you had lots of help and things went well. We had a very nice time even with the nit pickers lol.
  • Diane, So, just what are the team mom's responsibilities? Thanks for the vote of confidence in the mom area.

    Cat, great job!!

    Kateyes, From your short bio my first advice would be to try real hard to make time for yourself and for exercise. Most of us really don't feel like it, but it always feels good once were doing it. Good luck!

    Rennie, Ya, nit pickers excist EVERYWHERE!!!

    Today was good. Weather's beautiful so I did 5 miles alone this morning and 4.5 with a friend in the afternoon. Youngest son has to spray paint his pinewood derby tonight. That'll be fun. NOT!!
  • my goodness how time flies.

    Niece is already back at school. She's planning the team bonding activities this weekend, had to go early. Good thing the next major break is summer, I might actually get to spend some time with her!

    Nephew had a bit of a blowout with his sister on Sunday (of all days), but they made up and were inseparable the rest of her visit. Which is exactly what he's been needing. Hopefully he's on the way back from rock bottom now and we can get him back to normal emotionally.

    Lovn, sorry about the Mom thing. It happens to a lot of us. Rennie, I wish. I'm definitely not what they called born organized, I do ok at work but home is another matter. Slash, team mom is something I managed to avoid. It's a thankless job for a lot of teams. Although I do know folks who prefer it to doing anything else. Go figure, to each their own. Sillycat, I'm absolutely jealous. Good for you, girl! Keep up the good work. Kateyes, enlist the older kids to help with the younger and get moving. Somehow, if it's just walking around the block a few times. You deserve the private time and the exercise does help with depression. Certainly been there! Welcome, hope to hear from you lots.

    Hope everybody has a great day!