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  • lifeis good~On pasta night, serve your pasta sauce over sauteed zucchini instead of pasta.

    When you're doing a tasting with a client, munch on carrots rather than the food that is set in front of the client. Besides, is is for the client--not for you.

    I have no words of advice for getting you to the gym. I have the same problem myself, although I've recently begun to teach myself how to run.

    Good luck!
  • Allison, you have some great ideas. Thanks for answering questions and offering advice. I've learned a lot from you. Love the zucchini idea!

    Susan?? Where are you?? I haven't seen you post for awhile, so thought I'd shout out to you!
  • I also love pasta sauce over speghetti squash. And this time of year it is especially good since it's in season and fresh!
  • Hey There Diane,

    Thanks for the invite...I just back on line but now I am trying to figure out my new computer! UGG Mass confusion! I hope to be on in the next few days as I have only 2 more days and then my holidays start! YEAH!

    And it looks like I got a lot to read in this thread too!

    See you Soon and Thanks Again!
  • Kim good to see you posting again.

    What a stressful day. Had to take our parakeet to the vet today as he was very poorly. Went downhill very quickly. He died while we were there. So we brought him home and buried him in the back garden. The house is so quiet without him. My youngest really misses him. She wants to plant a flower beside his grave. I will wait until Autumn and get a nice plant.
  • Hey Kim, glad to see you again!

    CG -- so sorry to hear about your parrot. It's so hard losing a pet, isn't it?

    I'm off for another day of running around w/kids. Dropping Julie off at work, stopping at the high school to pick up a transcript release form, vets, home for a bit, back to get Julie from work then haircuts for all. I hope I'm done by 4pm today.

    Am feeling cranky, bloated and uncomfortable in my clothes. I hate TOM!! My eyes are so puffy they hurt! Grrrrrrr . . . .

    Ok, got that out of my system. I have exactly one hour to get going, so I'd better start now. Have a good day all.

  • My sympathy too for the parrot. We just lost a dog not to long ago and it was amazing how different the house felt without him around. For the longest time if I got up in the night I was walking carefully around my bed because he used to lay on the floor next to the bed and I was forever tripping over him. I probably looked like a darn fool!

    Then we had the bunny and the guinea pigs adopted.... so we were pet-less for a month or two. It was sort of nice not having that responsibility! But.... now we have a new puppy and my life is turned on its ear. I haven't had to get up with a "baby" in a couple of years so that first night was extremely long! But she is sweet and the kids love her and they are so happy. They really missed having a pet to play with.
  • So sorry about your parakeet.

    I need some prayers for my pets:

    Last night, my Buddy dog had either a stroke or a seizure. He threw up and is having difficulty walking. He's 13-14 years old, and we've noticed some neurological deterioration in his hind legs in the past few months. But this is so sudden. He won't eat this morning (and he is a chow hound--loves his food).

    Then, this morning after my run, I noticed that Chico has some weird head twitch. He stops when I talk to him, but it's quite noticeable.

    I'm wondering if they ate something poisonous.
  • Oh boy, Clydegirl, sorry about the parakeet. We have two and it would be very quiet without their constant chatter in the background. It's kind of funny, my husband has his own business and when he has business calls from the house, I always wonder what the clients think with the parakeets chattering in the background. Then, if he's outside, they can probably hear the roosters crowing, ducks quacking, geese honking, etc. VERY professional!! ha!

    Allison, I don't know what could be wrong with your dog, but I think you might be right about a possible poisoning. I'll hope for the best for you! We have so many animals around here. I would miss them if they were gone.

    Glad to see you again Kimush! I hate getting new computers because I just don't have the desire to learn new computer things. I used to love it, but now I just want it to work the way I think it should work!! I don't want to be reading manuals!

    Hey, Jo, you and I have similar days planned. I took off work today and tomorrow just to get this all done. My son is at 6th grade orientation this morning. I'll pick him and his friend up at 11:00, then it is off to doctors appts for both kids, and dentist appts for both kids. Tonight is "back to school night", too, so that will be fun. Then tomorrow we have lots of organizing to do!! Getting ready for back to school next Monday!!!!! Oh yes!!!!! I'm so thankful!!!!!
  • Hey, Allison. I'm concerned for your dogs. Poisoning can make their back legs not function correctly. Many years ago, one of my dogs got into the garbage and got food poisoning. He vomited quite a bit and his back legs were weak. Also, about three months ago, I thought my 14 year old poodle had a stroke. We came home to find him unable to walk straight,he was falling over and he had gotten sick everywhere. Also, he couldnt hold his head straight...it was tilted. Turns out that strokes in dogs are very very uncommon. He had something called idiopathic vestibular disorder. Its some kind of inner ear disorder that happens a lot with geriatric dogs. Unfortunately, many dog owners euthanize their dog because they think they have had a stroke or have a brain tumor. Most dogs recover fully or recover with only a slight head tilt or a slight balance problem. I'm happy to say that my dog fully recovered.
    I hope your dogs start feeling better soon. CG - sorry that your parakeet had to leave. I know how difficult this is on the little ones. Last month, my youngest lost one of her gerbils and my oldest lost one of her mice. Its rough when that happens.
  • Since we're still on the topic of pets, just got back from the vet and Penny broke her back right tooth -- no clue when she did this -- and they have to extract it! Wow, sure didn't see this coming but now her non-chewing on that side, her complete and total avoidance when I would try and brush or even look at it, the discoloration ( I really thought it was just plaque although now I believe it is more from the tooth partially dying) and the reddish gum all make sense. I saw the gum several weeks ago; it was red and sore looking but she had been chewing away on her nylabone and I thought she just rubbed the gum raw. The tooth it split going up into the roots so there's no alternative but to pull it. Expensive fix. Hmmmm, state college for the kid is looking better and better all the time, since her tuition is literally going to the dogs!

    Allison, I hope your pups are ok! I can't stand the thought of anything happening to our dog either. I knew a girl in high school whose cat ate some geranium leaves and it left the cat w/some neurological problems and he was off balance from it. Hope you figure out what the problem is.

  • Oh dear all the pets are suffering today.

    Allison hope your dogs are OK. Will you be able to take them to the vet?

    Jo state college and scholarships there's a ton out there. My big regret I didn't nag enough about scholarships and DD didn't try for that many. Hope your dog is OK with the extraction, must be painful.

    The house is quiet without the wee guy. He was always chattering away.

    My oldest goes back to uni on Saturday. She started packing her stuff yesterday. It's amazing how much stuff you can get in a dorm room. This year is a bit better as she will be in an apartment on campus with 5 other girls. They all have their own bedroom and share 2 bathrooms. There is a small living room / dining room and kitchen. So Saturday is move in day. I bet you she's on the top floor again and I will be lugging stuff up and down 6 flights of stairs. Oh well I'll get my workout.

    The countdown begins one week to go and my other two will be back in school. Now I just need to get my hubbie a job
  • Thank you everyone for all of your well wishes.

    DD and I took the boys to the vet after first checking with our neighbors to make sure no one had put any poison down. I was sure they hadn't because they both have dogs themselves. And of course I was right.

    Chico checked out fine. The vet couldn't determine what it was that I saw, so I'll just keep an eye on him.

    Buddy's symptoms could have been from an inner ear infection (negative) or a brain tumor (not probable per the vet) so she called it idiopathic vestibular disease (Rhonda--you were right!). She likened it to when you turn around and around and around really fast and then stop--you know how dizzy you are and sometimes you fall. That's what he is experiencing. It probably hit him really hard and fast last night and that's what made him throw up and since he was so dizzy he couldn't get up and walk. He was doing a little better on the way into the vet. While there they did a complete blood and urine workup (all negative) and gave him an IV with fluids. He also ate a little baby food. But on the way out, he was very dizzy again. She said that the way his eyes keep darting around is because of the dizziness and he can't focus on anything and that just makes the dizziness worse. He holds his head crooked from it and she said he may never hold it straight again. Poor old guy.
  • Well, Allison, at least you know what is wrong. I'm sure it doesn't make it any easier, but hopefully, he will have a full recovery. It's too bad he has to go through it.

    I made it through the day yesterday with the kids. We went to all the school orientations and all the docs/dentists. I took the kids to a new doctor and I really liked her. They were the guinea pigs, so now I know that I don't mind going to her. Very young, but she was so nice and very knowledgeable. I guess the older we get, the younger THEY will seem! ha!

    Today is cleaning/organizing day. I really know how to enjoy my day off....

    Hope everyone else has a great day.
  • Morning Ladies!

    Yesterday was a good day.... exercised, ate op, played with the kiddies, had an excellent dinner of stuffed zuchinni (my own recipe!).... then the DH came home with pizza . He says to me "you have to try it now because it won't be any good tomorrow". There is some new pizza joint near his school and they make sort of non-traditional pizza. So, without having any points/caleries left for such a item.... I ate it anyway. It was tasty but I was so mad at him and me for eating it. Sigh....

    Today I am going to be moving some woodchip in the yard that never got finished in the spring. Making a new flowerbed, and just general yard cleaning. We are going to have a cool weather weekend so I can get a good deal of stuff caught up (I tend to spend to much time in the pool with the kiddies instead of in the yard!). Gotta work off that darn pizza!!

    Allison, I am glad that it isn't serious with the pups. So what do you do now.... just wait until it clears itself up? How stressful. I can imagine that you aren't letting them out of your sight!

    Diane, good luck with the cleaning and organizing. Take a little time for yourself though...Maybe an hour under some shade, a nice cold beverage, and a trashy novel?????

    Have a great day everyone.