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  • Rhonda is sooooo right! Protein in king!

    Don't want to go off topic,but I am going to our preseason football game on Sat. and I am so excited that I won't have to be shoe-horned into the seat this year! I think I might even stand up when they score!!

    Ok-now back to our reqularly scheduled programming......
  • Hey smart girls! I am skulking in to say that I have been hit or miss since Friday and, oddly enough, haven't posted since thursday! So here I am - owning up! I am lucky I haven't gained anything. I seem to be back on track today. You all sound great! Hang in there, Hope
  • Hey Janny, don't apologize for going off topic! We can handle a variety of subjects.
    Quite frankly, as bad as I have been, I don't have a lot to add regarding being on plan or exercising. I can't get any more overwhelmed with work and kids than I am right now. (Oh wait, I said that once before and it got worse.... never mind!!!)

    That would be fun going to a game! Have a great time. I watched my Broncos play last night and I am so encouraged by what they did!!
  • Hi Ladies! Hope everyone is doing well.

    Jan, football is so much fun! Hubby and I had Bucs season tickets, then we moved. I don't really want season tickets to the Falcons (no offense to anyone!)so, I guess we will be sitting in the comfort of our living room this season. Hubby purchased the NFL ticket on Directv, so should still be fun.
    Hope and Diane...life does seem to get in the way of our weight loss journey. Hang in there.

    I just got back from seeing my new gyn. Ladies, for the first time ever...I have found an awesome doctor! She actually listened to me and had advice for my some of my problems. And, most importantly, she agrees with the hormone therapy that my previous doctor had me on.....Yay! I don't have to try adjusting to a new treatment plan again. Sometimes, life is very very good.
  • Topic. We have a topic?.....Oh, diets? Is that the topic?
  • Ok, here is a new topic...

    I am getting ready to start working for/with my husband, and I will be working from home. We have just started our own drivers education school (he teaches and I will be doing the office/paperwork) and our main office will be in my den. I haven't worked in about three years. I quit my social work job due to some issues at the clinic I worked for and for some finacial reasons. I was happy to be more available for my kids and have (once I got used to it) enjoyed the less stressful life of not having to haul myself to work everyday and beat the bus home every night. So, I am feeling a little excited and a little reluctent about going back to "work". My main issue is the eating thing. It has been hard enough not letting my weight get totally out of control being home full time..... but now I'll have the stress of a new business. This year my kids are all in school full time so I'll be home alone during the day. Soooo... I can see it now. A little anxiety, a little snack. A little frustration, a little snack. A little loneliness, a little snack.

    I don't officially start for a couple of weeks, but I feel like I need to address this before I start so that I have a plan of action that I can fall back on. Currently I am following the WW plan and for my first week, I haven't done to badly (I weigh in tomorrow).

    Any thoughts or idea?
  • Kim~make the job a real job. Don't allow yourself a break except for the normal 10-15 minute morning break and the same for the afternoon. Allow yourself only a regular lunch break. Don't allow yourself to get up and leave the den for any old reason--pretend that you'll get caught and fired!

    I work with my DH, too, but not at home. Not that it matters much--this place is just like home in a lot of ways. And the kitchen is in the next room from my office. I don't go in there (except to refill my water) unless it is my regularly scheduled break time. And then I have planned out snacks in the fridge.

    Also, don't buy anything and keep it on hand if it isn't on your plan.

    Good luck!
  • Good advice. I work from home too and the kitchen can be a very dangerous place to visit!

    It probably sounds corny but over the last couple weeks, I've really had good luck surfing the net. I've been visiting a lot of weight loss blogs and sites keeping myself inspired - that has kept me out of the kitchen. So, in any down time, or just when you need a bit of a motivational boost, I'd check out some sites, (3FC, weighwewere, pastaqueen.com, dietgirl.org) especially the archives.

    I've become hooked on Rugby this year and can't wait for the world cup to start. Go Wallaby's!
  • Thanks Jo for your post. It helps to hear what others have tried.

    Yeah, I have a bit of time on my hands lately. Started a new business from home and don't HAVE much business yet so I head to the gym most mornings. It's working out well from a fitness perspective but not very well from a checkbook perspective.

    Today I took your advice and started interval training on the treadmill. Nearly killed me, but I did it. Between adjusting the speed and the incline, I do feel like I got a better workout. I think I injured my shoulder again yesterday doing too many laps so I may be land-locked for a week or two. I'll do the interval training for the next week or two and see how it goes. Thanks again!
  • Kris -- your welcome. When I first started intervals I could only do like 15-30 seconds at a shot. Over time it gets easier. And the TM I was using was broken on only did 'flat' (no incline). I got a new one about 2 months ago and was like 'ooowww, inclines! I can feel the backs of m legs from my butt to my ankles!!' I think it's great you do several types of cardio. I do get a little fried (more mentally) always on the TM and dog walking. But right now I'm actually looking forward to when the kids go back to school and I have some time again! Good luck; keep us posted on your progress.

    Kim -- wow, good for you and your husband for starting your own business! Drivers ed? My oldest is working on getting her permit. She just turned 17 --- we've been telling her since March she can get it but she never got around to it . We went down to the DMV two wks ago (me and the kids --17, 14 and 10) and stood in line outside in 95 degree temps for nearly an hour then another 20 minutes inside the very shabby building. Is that normal? NO WAY!!! Grrrrr is all I can say, especially when she came out after 5 minutes in the testing room nearly in tears cause she failed. The first question was 'if you're pulled over on the side of the road, how far from the car do you place signal markers'. I'd have failed 'cause I have no idea either! Who carries markers in their car? LOL Anyway, she got the idea that uh, she needs to really study for the permit test. Things come easily for her so I think she thought it w/be a breeze. Best of luck with your new business. I'd treat the job just as if I were at an office and not at home. Treat the den strictly as your office and take breaks and lunch accordingly. If you get a lot of clients things may be so busy that you will have to schedule breaks/lunch. And maybe once you have a few more weeks of WW under your belt it will make it easier. Good luck!!!!

    We're getting ready to go to the shore for a week. One last hurrah b/4 school starts. The kids are really excited. Of course, there's a hurricane out in the middle of the ocean heading towards Barbados (I think it said Barbados). By Sat. night or Sun. they should know if it will head west (yes!!) or north (Nooooo!). Ooo, and just to share I ended up getting TOM yesterday vs. this Fri or Sat so this will be the only time you'll ever hear me say yipee! on getting it!

    Am trying to refocus on good eating habits. Did ok yesterday, till after dinner -- my personal witching hour. Must try harder, must try harder.

    Have a great day all. Keep focused and know we can do this.

  • Hiya Kim-
    Good luck with the new endeavor!! Hang in there baby.....if you need a healthy snack that cures all ills-jerky is it!! I think I am going to write Jack Link's a letter and let them know that they were a life saver....just a thought.
    Hey Kris-
    You're gonna have to let us know about your Wallaby's. I love rugby shirts.
    Have a great day gals.
  • Thanks everyone! I am definately going to need all the support I can get. I am a little out of my league with this endever.... don't know much about drivers education except the few things my husband chats about....so I am anticipating a bit of a transition period! But I am on my way to a thinner me, and that will be the focus instead of all the other garbage!!
  • Yikes! Driving lessons! Been there, done that, but still have one to go in a few more years. My DD failed the written test once and the driving test once. It was very traumatic for her. But I think she's better off having failed the driving part--she didn't read a sign (which I KNEW about, but didn't tell her about--it's a trap the DMV uses. "no turn on red" and they always take the students to that intersection and tell them to turn right). Now I know she pays attention! So far she's been driving for 8 months with no problems. Doesn't your DMV give appointments? Ours did--it really cuts down on the waiting.
  • Hey, Kim. Hubby and I both work from home. I understand your wariness...any change in my daily life tends to throw my weight loss regimen off a bit. I believe the key to staying in-control is to plan, plan, plan. Have your lunch and snacks planned out and portioned if possible....so, all you have to do is put it in the microwave, etc. Like Kris, I also sign onto 3FC for a few minutes when I'm feeling a little stressed. I can always find motivation here to stick with this. Since you're already putting some thought into this situation, I'm sure you will do just fine!
  • Ok since we are on the subject of work HELP! I have been trying really hard and doing pretty good, but here is my problem. I am an event planner, and I am always around food, from the events to the tastings with clients I seem to be around food constantly! On top of that I have 2 teen boys 16 and 17 that play high school football so "pasta night" (cooking for 50 or so boys)starts in September. I do really well when I don't do carbs since I am diabetic, can any of you give me ideas. of course other than ok don't eat carbs like I get from my family. Its really really hard! I work with some of the best caterers and bakeries in CT. also any good motivation tips on finding time and actually going and using my gym membership?

    I am 46, already through my change and very tired and unmotivated, my wonderful hubby honestly thinks I am great the way I am. But the truth is.. I am afraid I won't be around long like this.