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  • Diane I have the same problem sleeping. A lot of it is hormonal. I see a pattern with my cycles.

    When it's really bad I get up and read for a little while and just try to relax. Other nights I just crash out on the couch.

    Anxiety and stress don't help.

    Hope you have a better night tonight.
  • Me the Chef!
    Hello Ladies,
    Yes as "Slash" or Diane as you may call her said I'm a trained Chef and I own my own catering company here in Michigan. I moved back to Michigan after 27 years of traveling the country for business or an ex- husband..lol.
    Janny, 8 of those years I just spent in Phoenix ,AZ. Actually I lived there twice the most recent the longest. Can't do that heat or the holidays one more year! I love the change of seasons and find the climate much more tolerable here ( thanks to globe warming). People here always say "Why in the heck would you move here? I'm trying to get to AZ."...LOL all the time.
    I wrenched my knee several months ago so I have been back on the workout like a maniac for about 10 weeks? I have to say the weights have changed my body the most. I can see results now, I'm a true believer of the effects of muscle and the metabolism.
    I look forward to meeting you all. This morning I'm riding the horses to my friends house for a party later today. That is some great exercise, get it where you can.
    Liz xo
  • Ah...sleep! I got some last night and feel like I can survive now! Thanks for the kind words everyone!

    It's going to be a busy weekend. I've got some shopping to do and my 13 yo daughter is happy about that. The girl loves to shop. Kind of makes me laugh. Especially because my 11 yo boy hates it. Just walking into a store (other than a sporting goods store) turns him into a whining 2 year old.

    Have a great weekend everyone!
  • Slash
    Sleep is very important. It effects the whole mind and body. glad you got some. Hope you had a great day shopping.
  • I too am from MI, have lived here all my 47 yrs. I still love the change of seasons, I just wish spring and autumn were longer and summer and winter were shorter. I still wich for snow every Christmas, sometimes I am disappointed but most times not.
    I am real new at this and the 40 something forum attacted my for obvious reasons.
    Hope to get to know all of you, and chat often.
  • Michigan Girl...
    Hello Candel,
    I'm here in Attica Michigan where are you located?

  • I'm in the lovely capital of Lansing.
  • Well, hope everyone had a good weekend. It was pretty good for me. I had what I thought was a really good on plan week and was very hopeful for Monday weigh in. Well, I stayed the same. Which would be good, if I wanted to maintain at this weight..... I'm not giving up, but it just took the wind out of my sails. I'm hoping that this isn't a plateau. I think I'll be adding some weights to the exercise program. It just get so difficult to add more things to an already full schedule. (Forgive the whining, I'll get over it soon.)

    The weather here has been amazingly nice. It makes it so hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner. My parents come to my house for Thanksgiving and I realized that I better start getting the house cleaned up!! Clutter seems to reproduce like crazy at my house!!

    How is everyone else doing?
  • slashnl
    Glad things are going good for you. I am busy just keeping things in the shape I want them in around here. lol seems like there is always somthing to do right after I have everything done lol.
  • Hey everyone! I'll be weighing myself at the gym this morning. At this point I'll be happy for just one pound lost! I've been doing good with my food. My hardest time of day is in the evening. I've switched things up though so I don't lounge on the sofa with my husband and watch TV. I'm thinking of getting an exercise ball for when I do watch TV and then I can work on those icky abdominals while sitting around.
    Hey you Michigan people. Any of you fans of the U of M? GO BUCKEYES!
  • Go Blue!
    I am a die hard Uof M Fan,family of alumni here and my husbands family and he are all Ohio State alumni! go figure?

    I use weights all the time now and I have seen a drastic differance in my body. I'm all about the weights and the exercise ball, watch out though I have found I can't exercise in front of my husband seems it's just to much of a turn on, God only knows why...lol. We had alot of fun with the exercise ball the other day!

    Anyway,even if you just do upper body 3 times a week you will see a differance. I will be leaving for Yoga in a few minutes, just keep plugging along....anything to move. When I'm done with yoga feel like a wet rag!

    Liz xo
  • Lizzy
    I have never used an exercise ball ( great I already can't work out in front of the hubby squats and such seem to turn the man on lol ). I have a very tricky lower back that can start to hurt for very little reason ( car accident years ago ). I wonder if the exercise ball would bother that? Think I am going to look on line and see what this exercise ball is all about. Might be a nice addition to what I am already doing. I started with one little walking video. Now I do two and have added some very nice upper body weight ( only 1lb ) exercises. Something else to mix up the routine might be nice. Cleveland I was thinking the very same thing lol. I went to Kent State soooooo I am a Kent State girl lol.
  • Thanks for the advice, Liz. I think I'll try adding some upper body work along with some crunches or something like that. I really think that is where I am lacking.

    Cleveland: How'd the weigh in go?
  • I am sitting here going nuts lol. Nothing to do. This is the time of night I do my second walking video and I can only do one for the rest of the week. Guess will have to use that time to post lol.
  • Liz,
    I grew up in Jackson, mid way between the 2 campuses so I had to choose one, I picked UofM and have stuck with it. Since I graduated from CMU I am true to the Chipawas.
    That excercise ball sound fun and promising. I think I will have to try that,my husband will offer to purchase one if he reads the above.

    I only have one apointment left with Sparrow Weight Management , on Thursday I will find out if I am a canidate for the Optifast program. I can't imagine why I wouldn't be.

    Have a good Wed.